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GCC Readers: Authentication Will Be Required to Comment (Updated)

Thank you to all of our readers and legitimate commenters. Due to an increase in disruptive behavior in the comments section, including spoofing, authentication will now be mandatory to post comments on GCC. As an initial step, you’ll soon need to have a TypeKey identity to post a comment on this site.

TypeKey is a completely pseudonymous system—no personally identifying information is required to use it, although you can put whatever information you choose to share on your TypeKey profile page. The registration page is here.

TypeKey is a free and open system run by Six Apart, the publishers of Movable Type and the providers of the TypePad service. When it is up and running and tested, we'll let you know.

According to Six Apart,

We’re committed to providing a service that respects user privacy. Therefore, we will not publish information that you have not chosen to make public, nor will we share your information without your explicit permission.

Thanks again to all you who read and contribute!





That was quick!


Does this mean I need to put up a real e-mail address which increases my exposure to SPAM immensely?


Someone got my name already! .. the poster formerly knows as Neil


Done and done.




While I will continue to read here I have NO INTENTION of providing any information to anyone that can be seized by government individuals on their whim to be used for harassment or other methods of intimidation for political reasons

Your guarantees are fine but hold no credibility since the Bush Handlers, Inc. cabal chooses to ignore all laws and standards of civilized behavior

Too bad but life goes on

"Privacy is an inherent human right, and a requirement for maintaining the human condition with dignity and respect." - Bruce Schneier




hmmm...I agree with daCascadian...why the crack down/interest on free speech comments by people on green car news info blog?...ewwwww scary environmentalist comments!!!...ewwwww


If it means we get less paranoid ranting from both sides of the political aisle, then I'm all for this. It's certainly less irritating to post without having to go through the anti-spam widget.


All you have to fear, is fear it'self...


with all the political fanfare of fear, all I can say is
"bring it on". When no one is watching the watchers, then
we will have to watch out.


Oh, by the way, if you would please scan your Biometric chip,
to post any further comments, we will be able to verify your
affiliations with any and all groups and organizations. This
will enable our operatives to compel you to behave within
allowable parameters. This is for the safety of you, and your


I suppose it also means that we (or Mike, specifically) would have the ability to ban users who behave in a disruptive fashion. Right now such a capability doesn't exist - one could make up any name/pseudo-email one wanted to and keep posting...


Im all set and welcome the shadow governments gentile carress on my speechyness;/

But then im used to the gov knowing everything I do so the thought of nailing down my ident isnt bothersome in the least.


hello... testes... testes... 1...2... uhhh.. 3?


Balls? Balls?


Hey! It works !!!


why can't we all live like 4chan?

Mike L



Bummer. I never noticed any particular problem. A few people got a little testy here & there, but overall I thought it was fine.

Kirk Ellis

Sorry. I won't be posting anymore. I thought the graphic based confirmation was fine and stopped bots, but third parties collecting personal info ? Forget it.


will we still be able to read if we do not post anymore


Hey if you used google then the internet already knows everything about you (well mainly it knows your preference in pornography). I really don't care what others know about me (other then financial identification): I have no shame (or pride).


Is this thing on?

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