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Global Cumulative Toyota Hybrid Sales Pass 1 Million Mark

Toyota’s global hybrid sales by year. Click to enlarge.

Global cumulative sales of Toyota hybrid vehicles have topped the 1 million mark, with approximately 1,047,000 units sold worldwide as of May 31, 2007, according to the company. Of those, 32.9% were sold in Japan and 67.1% were sold overseas, primarily in the US. The Prius accounts for 72.4% of total global hybrid sales.

Toyota unveiled the Toyota Hybrid System (THS) in March 1997, then launched its first hybrid production vehicle (the Coaster) in Japan that August, followed by the first-generation Prius in December 1997. Toyota began selling the Prius in North America, Europe and elsewhere in 2000.

Cumulative Toyota hybrid sales by primary models.Click to enlarge.

In 2001, Toyota introduced the Estima Hybrid minivan, followed by the Crown mild hybrid, both only in the Japanese market. Toyota introduced the second-generation Prius, equipped with the Toyota Hybrid System II in 2003, along with the Alphard, Dyna and Toyoace hybrids, the last three for Japan only.

Toyota launched the Harrier Hybrid (RX400h) and Kluger Hybrid (Highlander Hybrid) in 2005. The following year saw the introduction of the GS450h, the Camry Hybrid and a redesign of the Estima Hybrid. Prius sales topped the 500,000 mark. In May 2007, Toyota launched the luxury LS600h / LS600h L hybrid.

Toyota sells its hybrid vehicles in Japan and in more than 40 countries and regions around the world. The company began overseas production of hybrid vehicles in Changchun, China in 2005 and in Kentucky in the United States in 2006.

Toyota’s goal is to achieve annual sales of 1 million hybrids in the early part of the 2010s.



Anyone know the latest on the next generation Prius?


Honda takes its hybrid Accord off the market because of disappointing sales:

Max Reid


So Prius has topped 750,000 units in sales. Now Prius hitting 1 million mark may be the next milestone.

Even after the next gen Prius comes to market, Toyota should continue to sell current model as its technology is still ahead of many other vehicles sold in the market.

Infact, they can even revive the Gen-1 model and remove all the extras and sell it for around 15K and it will sell better than Yaris as it can get the difference.


Didn't GM claim it would be the first to sell a million hybrids? Then changed that to a million fuel cell cars?

joe padula

GM and the other 2 stooges claimed Toyota lost money on every hybrid car sold. I guess they will be bankrupt soon. If I ran T, I would fire any salesman/dealership that sold one. I wonder why they did not file a dumping charge since it is not alloed to sell at a loss.
Perhaps GM claimed to be the first to lay off the first million workers, or was it pay off the first million politicians?
Remember after over 100 years of making steam locomotives, not one of the steam engine makers survived the transition to diesel electric that all trains became.


Toyota wants to have a hybrid in every model line. This is commitment of a major scale. Toyota made $10B in 2005 while GM lost #10B in 2005 and Ford lost $12B in 2006. Ford had to hock everything including the Ford logo to stay afloat.

George K

“Anyone know the latest on the next generation Prius?”

It looks like they will use Lithium-ion bats, not NiMH. Also, it looks like mpg will be about 70, using today’s EPA ratings, and battery will not be large enough to require plug-in (big bummer)!

I guess they felt they could continue to ride the current Prius wave, which is still gaining momentum. And with a 30% increase in mpg, sales should continue to increase.

So, we have Toyota, who could have produced a PHEV Prius with one tire tied behind their rear bumper, is keeping the PHEV “in development”.

Check out arcive…


Sorry, but Toyota just announced that the 2009 will NOT yet use Li-ion batteries. Although Toyota COULD make a PHEV or EV or whatever they wanted to and use Li batteries, they are inherently a big, low-risk company that would rather delay Li batteries until they are completely ready, rather than take a chance and suffer the HUGE publicity damage that would result for a big battery failure/fire recall.

George K

"Toyota just announced that the 2009 will NOT yet use Li-ion batteries."

Double bummer!

George K


They weren't such a low risk company when they came out with the first Prius.

I guess times have changed and they are now willing to hand over that baton to GM with THEIR impending PHEV’s.

C. Spangenberg

Hi George K 70 mpg ( using today’s EPA ratings ) is impressive . The about equal size Nonhybrid-Audi A2 1.2 had already 78,40486 mpg in the Year 2000 . But that was Diesel Fuel which produces about 13% more CO2 .

If you are interested in a different view about the Prius2 read "Prius Outdoes Hummer in Environmental Damage" it is about trying to do a life cycle analysis of the whole energy put into a car

C. Spangenberg

The mpg for the Audi A2 1.2 was calculated with the "european" epa rating for which the car has to go to a much higher speed . So with the "US" epa rating the Audi would get probably a higher mpg .

C. Spangenberg


We admire Toyota - they had the hybrid vision and executed it. But let's not get all fuzzy about their bottom line goals. They intend to sell a lot more guzzling Tundras than Prius. And we're not sure where a hybrid fits in the Toyota guzzling truck line. Heavy passenger vehicles with hybrid drives is something of an oxymoron isn't it?

C. Spangenberg

HI yes everybody likes to earn money but they are to praise for their way to the high mpg low emission car .

But as i said the Toyota Prius2 has 104 G CO2 / KM in Europe ratings The Audi A2 1.2 has 81 G CO2 / KM in Europe ratings without hybrid / about equal size

If we take the prius 2 with 104 G for combined 60 mpg ( which is a little better than EPA gives ) than we get for a 70 mpg prius3 89 G / KM CO2 . The Audi has 81 G CO2 / KM without hybrid .

So even the planned Prius3 with hybrid would get less mpg than the Audi A2 1.2 from the year 2000 without Hybrid . Thats what i am wondering about . Shouldnt it
be much better with a new hybrid third generation ?!

C. Spangenberg


I personally would love to see the Estima Hybrid available for the European market.
Does anybody know when that's gonna happen?

Are there hybrid MPV's or minivans on the market anyway?

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