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Hyundai Planning LPG Hybrid Avante in Korea for 2009

Chosun Ilbo. Hyundai Motor will introduce a hybrid version of its mid-size Avante sedan (the domestic counterpart to the Elantra) in Korea in 2009 that combines its Liquefied Petroleum Injection (LPI) engine with an electric motor. It will be the first Korean hybrid car for consumers.

The 2007 Avante.

At the Seoul Auto Show in April, Hyundai had on display a Sonata LPI Hybrid Electric Vehicle. (Earlier post.)

The hybrid will have estimated fuel economy of 19 to 20 km/liter (5.3 to 5.0 L/100km or 44.7 to 47 mpg US).

Air pollution in Seoul vs. other cities. Click to enlarge.

In an effort to combat air pollution, particularly in Seoul, the Korean government launched a multi-pronged program, including the accelerated adoption of emissions standards, and a focus on providing incentives for alternative fuels.

As one result of that program, LPG is half the price of gasoline—the ratio of the price of gasoline:diesel:LPG is 100:85:50. There are currently more than 1.5 million LPG light-duty vehicles on the road in Korea, with an infrastructure to support them, according to the Korea Center for Environmentally Friendly Vehicles. Hyundai deployed its first LPI engine in the New Grandeur XG in 2003.

Hyundai said that it will suspend the limited production of the hybrid versions of the Verna and the Pride, which are being used in government fleets, in 2008.

“We plan to release an LPG hybrid before a gasoline hybrid because there are sufficient LPG fuel facilities and we have the advanced technology. A gasoline hybrid will be released by 2010,” a Hyundai Motor official said.

Hyundai said that it will begin mass producing hybrids in 2009, with an aim to gradually increase production to 20,000 units by 2010, 100,000 by 2012, and 300,000 by 2015.




I'd imagine there's a market for these cars all over the world, I know it could sell well here, it would be super cheap to operate with that kind of LPG-efficiency, way cheaper than any gasoline operated hybrid vehicle and cleaner too!


Hey we would need that car here in Turkey. I know that HYUNDAI has a factory here in Izmit built together with the ASSAN Group (HYUNDAI-ASSAN) and they make a small car named ACCENT and some light trucks. Many if not all cars running on gasoline are massively converted into LPG cars because it is half way cheaper (yet LPG is two to three times more expensive than in Europe) and a factory fitted LPG car would be a hit!!! Cheers...

ch.sri devi

I HAD READ THAT HYUNDAI IS RELEASE IT HYBRID CAR VERNA AT 2010.I HOPE THESE INVENTIONS MAY YUSEFUL TO YOU.kind attention to this e mail receiver;please send this papers to Hyundai hybrid car division or R&D.GIVE ME YOUR E MAIL THEN I VILL SEND DRAINGS.
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Sub:- New two patented invention for Hybrid Cars with novelty.

Dear Sir

Here I am applied patents for two invention which will be useful in Hybrid Cars (1)Wind Turbine electrical generator in Hybrid Cars (2) Exhaust gas turbine electrical generator in Hybrid Cars. With these inventions without using extra petrol and with out the hybrid car get strained, we can charge the Hybrid Car battery or giving electricity to the Hybrid Car electrical motor. If the Hybrid car travels 100 Km. the battery charged by these two invention, we can travel some more distance that is 2 Km. without using extra petrol and with out releasing carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Then we can save multi billion dollars of amount by total cars in USA and rest of the countries in the world in every year. Remember now crude oil price is 120 dollars a barrel, these invention are environmental friendly.
These inventions can produce electricity more than 1000 times than the regenerative brakes in Hybrid cars individually. Both will produce electricity continuously when the car engine works and the car moves on the road.
Drawbacks of the existing known art or patents of wind turbine electrical generator :
In some patents in U.S.A. they put wind turbine electrical generators on the top of the car. I humbly said to you this is a wrong concept. When the car moves on the road wind Hit the wind turbine generators and rotate them for this some energy produce. This energy acts quite opposite direction to the car movements. so this extra wind over the car pushes the car back ward direction. So, some speed of the car decreases and some fuel consumption increases. so the backward push is absolutely equal to the electricity produced by the wind turbine electrical generators on the top of the car so this concept is wrong. If the Hybrid car in stop position, when the wind rotates the turbine generator, this loss will not be happened like wind mill generator. But it is not possible in hybrid cars so they must move on the road.
We can prove this with a simple experiment. The children paper fan attached to a vertical stick with a paper pin. When the children runs fast by holding this fan’s stick in front of him holding vertically, then the fan rotates, by the same time we can feel that the stick push back wards to wards the child with some pressure and energy. So this same energy pushes back the hybrid car when we put the wind turbine generator on the top of the car.
I put the wind turbine electrical generator inside the front car air inlet holes (like in front of the car radiator and in the inside middle of the car front bumpers or shock guard). Even though we put the wind turbine generator there or not, put there. The wind force must and should object the car, creates some back ward push to the Hybrid car while it is moving on the road. Hence some fuel consumption increases as well as some of the car speed decreases this is the compulsory action we cannot avoid. Here I use this objection of wind force to produce electricity. So I fix the wind turbine electrical generator inside the air inlet holes of the hybrid cars front bumper and radiator. then the air rotates the turbine and produce electricity. So there is no wastage of extra fuel and speed of the car after hit the turbine the wind cools the radiator, AC condenser and engine. so with this invention;’ “where we loss of car speed and increase fuel consumption because of wind force hit the car thorough car front air inlet holes there we will produce electricity”.
We can use turbines as both fan tipe and blower (drum) tipe.
My main claim is, the wind turbine electrical generators are fixed inside the front air inlet holes of the Hybrid Car.
Drawbacks of the existing known arts of exhaust gas turbine electrical generator in Hybrid Cars :
I did not find any patents have been applied for this in U.S.A.
The exhaust gas coming from the engine head is grater speed, greater pressure with greater sound. These exhaust speed, pressure and sound will absorbed by the silencer and came out with only flow like little speed. So, electrical production is very high at the engine head. So I fix the turbine generator by the engine head. Then only we can get more electricity production
This exhaust gas turbine electrical generator is fixed near the exhaust holes of the engine head. So, there we get exhaust gas of the Hybrid Car is very high with greater force, pressure, and sound. So, we can produce more electricity.
There is a heat resistant material is placed between the exhaust gas turbine shaft and electrical generator shaft, so the electrical generator copper winding cannot getting heated.
Note: Main point to remember is, in drawings I can shown that wind turbine is visible to outsiders, but it is show to understand the drawings only, actually we can put them back side of the front air inlet holes grills without visible to outsiders.
Here, I am severely in need of money if you like these inventions I will come with you an agreement by taking little advance or I will sell the hole patent to you at any cost, please, kindly tell me your opinion soon, and kindly give me reply I am waiting for your reply.
Please raise doubts and question on my inventions; I will give you perfect answers.
Thanking you Sir,
my important suggestion :now a days car manufacturing companies are panic about fix different models of head lights and danger lights to cars.but some head lights are not looking good in shape ,kindly notice that ,that car models are failure in the market. Customers. did not like to buy those cars. though the entire car design is good looking but because of the head lights to these car models are failure. for example in India so many car models are failure because of head lights, so many companies models are failure because of not good looking shapes of head lights. I have observed this in India from last 6 years. My opinion the head lights must be carefully designed, they are good looking, even shape, fascinating to customer and suitable to that car. I hope you must keep in mind these suggestion while manufacturing a car

Yours faithfully,

Ch. Sridevi,
Flat No. 16, Pujitha Apartments
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For hybrid cars every source of even small electricity generator is used to charge hybrid car batteries or help to run electrical motor. For example regenerative brakes when we apply brakes small amount of electricity produced and used to charge Hybrid car batteries.
This invention consists of two methods of electricity production without using extra petrol or extra energy from the Hybrid car. First is the wind turbine electrical generator in Hybrid cars. Which is a blower type or drum type or fan type turbine is fixed at the front air inlet holes and its grills back of the Hybrid car. Its shaft is connected to electrical generator or alternator. When the car move on the road wind hits the car and some wind enter into the air inlet hole in front of the Hybrid car wind hits and cooled the engine and radiator. This action car losses some speed because of wind force. And also some fuel consumption increases. This is the compulsory action we should not avoid. Here I use this wind force to generate electricity. So this invention part 1 wind turbine electricity generator, the wind hits the wind turbine wheel while Hybrid car moving, so the turbine rotates its shaft connected to electrical generator rotates then it produce electricity and goes to hybrid car battery or electrical motor to drive the car. So this invention produce electricity without using any fuel. After rotating the turbine air hits the engine and radiator and cooled them. The turbine wheel is either a blower type or fan type.
2 part of the invention consists of engine exhaust gas turbine electricity generator in hybrid car. Naturally engine exhaust gases produced by the piston in engine comes out through a pipe and goes out through the silencer. So, a turbine wheel is fixed near the engine and connected to it through exhaust pipe. Then the turbine wheel is connected to electrical generator or alternator. Between the two shafts a heat resistance material is there to protect the electrical generator shaft and copper winding not become getting heated. When the exhaust gas produced from the engine rotate the turbine wheel then the wheel rotate the electrical generator through its shaft. Then electricity generates and charged the hybrid car battery or rotate the electrical motor. Near the engine the exhaust speed is very high with grater pressure than the silencer back tail pipe, so electricity production is more. The main object of the invention is without using extra fuel to produce electricity to hybrid cars for charge its battery or run the electrical motor. Another object of the invention is to reduce pollution and getting more mileage to Hybrid cars without using extra petrol without the hybrid car get strained and less fuel consumption. Another objective of the invention is to reduce emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere so this invention is eco friendly.
Brief Description :
Fig. (1) Front view of the invention exhaust gases turbine wheel electrical generator.
Fig. (2) Hybrid car battery.
Fig. (3) Front view of the wind turbine electrical generator.
Fig. (4) Perspective view of the Hybrid car with wind Turbine electrical generator and exhaust turbine wheel Electrical generator.
Detailed description with ref. to drawings :
Fig (1) 1 is the engine ; 2 is engine exhaust gas pipe enter into the turbine box and rotate its wheel ; 3 is the turbine wheel ; 4 is the electrical generator ; 5 is the exhaust gases coming out from turbine ; 6 a heat resistant material is there between exhaust gas turbine shaft and electrical generator shaft.
Fig. (2) 1 is hybrid car battery ;
Fig. (3) 1 is car front view ; 2 is the electrical generator ; 3 is the wind turbine ; 4 is the hybrid car front inlet hole ;
Fig. (4) 1 is engine exhaust gases rotating turbine wheel ; 2 is the electrical generator ; 3 is the wind turbine wheel ; 4 is electricity generator ; 5 is the electrical cable connected from exhaust gas turbine electrical generator to car battery ; 6 is the electrical cable of the wind electricity generator to car battery ; 7 is the exhaust gas pipe from turbine wheel ; 8 is the hybrid car battery ; 9 is the electrical wire connected from car engine battery to car main battery ; 10 is the electrical motor ; 11 is electrical wire outlet current from main battery to electrical motor.
Main point to remember is : in drawings it had shown that wind turbine is visible to out side of the car. But it is shown for understand the drawings. Actually we can put the wind turbine electrical generator into Hybrid car with out visible out side persons.

ghanshyam das

your car is best as me
i am student engg

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