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Ikea UK Switches Passenger Car Fleet to Hybrids

FT. Ikea UK is switching its entire company passenger-car fleet from Skodas to Civic Hybrids by next year in a pilot program that may presage a company-wide shift to greener vehicles.

Honda will supply Ikea with 50 Civic Hybrids this year, and deliver another 20 in 2008.

The hybrids will incur a much reduced road tax of only £35 per year and are exempt from paying charges to enter the congestion zone in central London.

Charlie Browne, Ikea’s UK environmental manager, said that the company is looking at using electric vehicles on a trial basis for home delivery from its Coventry store.

The switch will make Ikea Britain’s first big private-sector company to change its entire company car fleet to greener vehicles. UK public institutions such as the Environment and Government Car and Dispatch Agencies have already made the change.


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