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NearBio Launches NEEDBIO.COM Registry to Map Unmet Regional Biodiesel Demand

NearBio has established a free registry—NEEDBIO—that links local US consumer demand for biodiesel with suppliers serving their area. NearBio is the developer of the first alternative fuel locator tailored for mobile devices and author of the daily-updated and geo-coded NearBio biodiesel location database. (Earlier post)

NEEDBIO tracks several key attributes relating to each consumer’s interest: vehicle type (e.g. automobile, commercial truck, or agricultural), number of vehicles (useful for fleets), estimated miles/gallon, annual miles, proximity preferences, zip code, desired blend, and optional comments/details.

The website also allows consumers to express their future interest in purchasing a diesel vehicle, if biodiesel were to become available in their locale.

By giving biodiesel consumers a voice, and giving biodiesel suppliers the needed data to optimize their delivery of biodiesel, NEEDBIO is taking a major step forward in accelerating the US adoption of biodiesel in the most efficient way. With this website, the local demand for biodiesel blends will be documented, tracked, and promoted, and made available to the entire US biodiesel supply side community. This will ensure optimal and rapid provisioning of biodiesel fuel to the regions of greatest interest.

—Lisa Hull, VP and Co-Founder

Upon the number of database entries becoming statistically significant, NEEDBIO will make reports and graphs available to suppliers, indicating regions of substantial interest, as well as trend statistics. To ensure maximum accuracy, only one entry per email address will be permitted, and email confirmation of each submission is required.

The ability for a supplier to have accurate market data about regional biodiesel demand is of critical importance in determining when and where to expand operations. And just as important is the ability to understand trend data over time, and details about blend requirements, fleet usage, and individual consumer comments. We are thrilled NearBio has created NEEDBIO as a single, nationwide repository for consumer biodiesel demand.

—Gavin Carpenter, SeQuential Biofuels

A key feature of the service is for consumers to be automatically notified upon the availability of a biodiesel retail location meeting their requirements. Because NearBio maintains the most comprehensive list of US biodiesel stations (updated daily), NEEDBIO leverages the dynamic, daily-updated NearBio database to automatically send an email to registered consumers upon the opening of a new biodiesel retail location that meets their criteria.


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