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Paris Launching Vélib Citywide Bicycle Rental Service

The city of Paris, France is launching a city-wide public bicycle rental service, called Vélib.

Riders will rent and return bikes from and to public stations, which will be open 24x7, and spaced about 300 meters apart. The city is planning to launch 750 stations with some 10,000 bikes on 15 July—the day after Bastille Day.

Users can subscribe to Vélib for one year for €29 (US$39), buy a 5-day ticket for €5 (US$6.73), or a 1-day ticket for €1 (US$1.35). Rentals of 30 minutes or less are free.



What a great idea. I hope they allow tourists to subscribe. My feet almost wore out when I was there last year. Combine this with their terrific metro and Bob's your uncle.


Wait a second ... I've seen Paris traffic. More like Bob's your undertaker.

Dennis O'Boyle

Bon jour mis amis,

Now WHO is Bob, what am I missing here my friends, besides my brain, aaaaaaah!


You haven't run into the expression "Bob's your uncle" before? It just means that you're all set.


Wonderful idea.

Most grateful if there could be complete translation of Website into English & other european languages.

Can non-parisians & foreigners visiting register & use the service easily?

Replies gratefully received.



Can I see the Website in English?

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