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Poland Springs Switchers Tanker Fleet to B5

Poland Spring Water Company has begun operating its stainless-steel tanker trucks that deliver spring water for bottling on B5 biodiesel.

The 52 tankers, along with 12 contracted trucks, will use biodiesel provided by Maine-based supplier C. N. Brown.

The use of B5 will reduce the tanker fleet’s carbon emissions by more than 1.8 million pounds this year and will reduce diesel consumption by 70,000 gallons, according to Poland Spring Environmental manager Ron Dyer.

Poland Spring Waters is a division of Nestlé Waters North America.



How about drinking tap water instead of bottled water shipped in from 100's or 1,000's of miles away. Those who don't like to the taste of their local tap, buy and use a filter. For mobility, a reusable (~1 liter/32oz) water bottle or a Camelbak (upwards of 3 liters/100 oz) can do.

_Unless there is a situation or an emergency, where tap water is not feasible/potable/available, we should utilize it to the fullest. Spending hundreds of gallons equivalent diesel (energy and CO2) to bottle, ship and chill/keep chilled water when we have clean supplies readily available at the tap and on demand is lunacy, though granted, a stroke of marketing and business genius.


I like my poland springs. But allen has spoken
You cant tell other people what to do.i am sure there are things you do that others may not like.but regarding the article at hand if they want to make a real diffrence how about a hybrid and biodesiel.


Allen makes a cogent point, and if it influences people to think about the consequences of their consumer choices, then he has accomplished something.


Poland Spring reports total mineralization of their bottled water at 26-60 ppm (mg/l), which makes it soft, quite universal drinking water. It is far short of real mineral waters, having pronounced health effects (beneficial for some people), but much better than 90% of bottled water sold in NA, which are devoted of essential minerals, and are damaging to health, especially teeth and hair.


It's worth noting that going from B0 to B5 reduces their diesel consumption.

Reducing your consumption of bottled water will reduce their diesel consumption further.



Bottlers, brewers, fast-food distribution, just about anybody with a diesel can/should be at least B5.

But Allens point is right on. We need to get back to returnable/refillable bigger containers. We can no longer afford this crazy, lazy convenience of shipping small, single use plastic and glass containers all over everywhere.

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