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Chicago Tribune. Tesla has raised the price of its  all-electric Roadster by $6,000.

Darryl Siry, vice president of sales and marketing for Tesla Motors, said the price has gone up because the Roadster is based on the Lotus Elise. Weakness in the value of the dollar versus the pound has boosted the cost of parts imported from Britain.

The price increase took effect with orders after June 15. Tesla will honor a $92,000 sticker on the 464 cars ordered before then, Siry said.



I suspect it could be caused by incresing battery cost since they use conventional lithium batteries.


Nice to see that Tesla has $40+M receivables prior to shipping any product. Clearly there is a demand for even a less than affordable EVs. Can't wait to see them on the street.


when you are pretty much only game in the town, you can ask whatever price you want :)

well, they are the only game in this price and performance class ( British Lightning is three times more expensive and Venturi Fetish like six times more )

Thats ok, but their real competition is coming from the likes of Subaru and Mitsubishi who are at work developing _affordable_ lithium-powered EVs in japan. Take a look at the prototypes zipping around here:


If I had a 100k I would still buy this car. For now I will have to make do with my electric motorcycle with the primer paint job. It may be ugly, but it cost less than 4k to build and it works great. See www.zevutah.com for details.

Looking forward to the time that I can buy a factory EV for less than 50k. Maybe the 2nd Tesla design will fit my budget.


I'd like to get my hands on a Venture1. flytheroad.com

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