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Tuscaloosa, AL Switches City Fleet to B20

The city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama has switched its diesel fleet to B20 soy biodiesel.

Each of the city’s 278 diesel-powered vehicles as well back-up generators for 14 Sewer Lift Stations are currently running on the new fuel.  The Tuscaloosa Transit Authority fuels their 19 buses from the City's pump; therefore, those vehicles are now using biodiesel as well.

Earlier this month, the city began using B5 biodiesel. After three weeks, with no change in vehicle performance, the city introduced. The city buys the fuel, which is produced in Moundville, Al, from Cougar Oil.

The use of the B20 will reduce the City’s consumption of petroleum diesel fuel to 353,600 gallons per year from its current level of 442,000 gallons per year.


Kevin Logan

I'm glad to see the city of Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, AL both are now using biodiesel. Its always nice to be able to employ more local farmers and fuel production personnel stateside, instead of overseas, while producing a more "green" resource. These little steps really add up as more and more city's make these modest changes.

John Ard

I live about 30 miles from Tuscaloosa and am glad to hear about this. I wonder how our drought has affected the biodiesel output though. What are they using in Moundville to make the stuff? If only kudzu were a feedstock... :)


I don't know about a feedstock, but kudzu is eaten as a in salad in Japan. We ought to try it in the US.


Unfortunately, the city is getting ready to permit the destruction of approximately 100 acres of pristine forest on the Black Warrior River (all in the name of progress). Huge retail developemnt with big parking lot will follow after the location is filled in with tons of dirt!!! How can we as a city be so hypocritical when it comes to the environment??

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