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Fairbanks Daily News-Miner. The Chena Hot Springs Resort will begin using hydrogen produced by surplus electricity from its two new geothermal plants and an electrolyzer from a defunct fuel-cell project to provide hydrogen for cooking and heating, and to fuel its vehicles.

The hydrogen projects would make Chena Hot Springs the first in the state to use hydrogen energy, according to David Lockard of the Alaska Energy Authority.

In 2004, Chena Hot Springs Resort entered into a partnership with United Technologies Corporation (UTC) to demonstrate their moderate temperature geothermal ORC power plant technology at Chena Hot Springs.

The 400 kW Chena geothermal power plant—consisting of two 200 kW modules—came online in late July 2006. This was the first geothermal plant in the state.

The hydrogen will be mixed with propane and used for cooking and drying. Compressed, it will be used in vehicles. The resort is still considering its options for the transportation part and has applied for grants.

The resort plans to break ground on a hydrogen fueling station at its second annual Renewable Energy Fair on 18 August. This year’s theme is “from hot water to hydrogen.”



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