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ECOtality Acquires Fuel Cell Store

ECOtality recently acquired Fuel Cell Store, an online retailer for the fuel cell industry.

Fuel Cell Store, based in Boulder, Colorado, distributes, manufactures, and sells a comprehensive range of fuel cell products including fuel cell stacks, systems, component parts and educational materials.

With the acquisition, ECOtality further expands its operations into fuel cell technologies.

ECOtality is working with Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), GreenMountain Engineering and Airboss Aerospace on ECOtality’s Hydratus technology. Hydratus is a portable apparatus that produces hydrogen on-demand from magnesium and  water, and operates in conjunction with existing hydrogen fuel cell technology. (Earlier post.)

The acquisition of Fuel Cell Store serves as an potential launch pad for the 5 to 10kW Hydratus system under development by ECOtality.


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