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New Jersey Becomes Third State with Greenhouse Gas Reduction Law

States with greenhouse gas reduction laws. Click to enlarge.

New Jersey Governor Jon S. Corzine signed legislation that calls for reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020—approximately a 20% reduction—followed by a further reduction of emissions to 80% below 2006 levels by 2050.

New Jersey is the third state in the US to enact legislation mandating reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, the other two being California and Hawai`i. Hawai`i Governor Linda Lingle signed that state’s greenhouse gas reduction bill into law on 30 June. Other states have set targets, and are considering legislation as well.

In the absence of leadership on the federal level, the burden of reducing greenhouse gases has now fallen upon the states. I’m proud that New Jersey is one of the first among a handful of states that are leading the nation to combat global warming and I hope more states will follow in our model.

—Governor Corzin

In New Jersey, the Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) will work with the Board of Public Utilities (BPU), the Department of Transportation (DOT), the Department of Community Affairs (DCA) and other stakeholders to evaluate methods to meet and exceed the 2020 target reductions. The DEP Commissioner will make specific recommendations to meet the targets while taking into account the economic benefits and costs of implementing these recommendations. This evaluation will be done in conjunction with the state’s pending Energy Master Plan, which will incorporate the new greenhouse gas reduction goal.

The legislation calls on the DEP to develop a 1990 greenhouse gas emission inventory as well as a system for monitoring current greenhouse gas levels so that progress toward goals can be accurately tracked. DEP will report progress towards the target reductions to the Governor and the Legislature no less than every two years and if necessary will recommend additional actions to reach the targets. To further reduce emissions, the order calls for the Director of Energy Savings to develop targets and implementation strategies for reducing energy use by state facilities and vehicles fleets.

State Greenhouse Gas Reduction Laws
State Date Enabling Bill 2020 Target 2050 Target
California Sep 2006 AB 32 1990 levels
~25% reduction
Hawai`i Jun 2007 HB 226 1990 levels
~25% reduction
New Jersey Jul 2007 A 3301 1990 levels
~20% reduction
2006 levels
~80% reduction


Max Reid

So how are they going to implement it. May be they can start by telling people to switchover to fluorescent bulbs followed by Cabs in Newark, Trenton converting to Hybrids.

A hand for New Jersey.

Let's hope that the other 47 States + Canada's 10 Provinces and Territories will follow soon.


Good news indeed. This development should also increase the pressure on other states to implement similar legislation and ultimately ‘force’ the US government to issue similar federal legislation. It is simply immoral not to support the fight against global warming.

However, as long as the goal is not 100% elimination of co2 emissions the planet will continue to warm and therefore we should not be happy unless the goal is complete elimination of co2 emissions as fast as it is technically possible. We should do that even if it slows down economic growth for a few decades. Nothing will be lost anyway because foresight always pays off in the long run.


I'm glad to see them putting it into law. You can make all the plans you like, pump all the money into "programs" you want, but until it's law, nothing will happen.


"... until it's law, nothing will happen."

Laws without enforcement are also where nothing will happen.

While it likely isn't the greatest failure of the current, "administration" - there are many - most certainly, failure to enforce has resulted in a significant increase in Global Warming as well as many other serious problems that are not being addressed.


Maybe coincidence but they are talking of expanding train service from the northwest part of the state to the Newark area.

Until now there have been NO public BioDiesel pumps maybe this will change things...

Stan Peterson

Corzine is a TOOL of the capitalist pigs. He only wants a 50% reduction by 2050. Any good green-eyed leprechaun and a true environmentalist would DEMAND a reduction of 100% more than him.

That would make reduction of 150% of CO2 or 50% more than below ZERO.

Anything less is a sure sign of being a tool of the evil ...whoevers.

I absolutely DEMAND a reduction of 50% below ZERO. And no pussyfooting waiting in until 2o50 when Corzine, the Goregoyle,and allthe phony musicians working for free (after coists of Course!) and all the others will be safely DEAD and byond accountability.

I want that 150% reduction by next Tuesday and NO LATER! STOP STALLING!!! Waaahh!!!


Maybe dealing with coal fired power plants would help in NJ.


Unless Corzine can outlaw solar activity, I'm afraid he will be about as successful in enforcing his "global warming" law as he was in enforcing New Jersey's Seat Belt law.

The real beneficiary of this law will be the border states that receive all of the New Jersey businesses that will be forced to relocate.


What's solar activity got to do with it??


Good to see there is some movement. There is a clear neglect however to address the problem of carbonated soda. Annual worldwide consumption of carbonated soda averages 30 liters per person. 1.014 ounces CO2/liter = 1.9 pounds CO2 per person or 11.4 billion pounds CO2 consumed and expelled annually.

Answer: eliminate ALL carbonated beverages. Side benefit: no more regurgative "burping."


Let's work together in conserving our energy. Use more windmills, solar, and water. What if there is a unit that can supply a whole house with endless power and 0% emissions. It is also portable and runs like a standby generator all the time. No noise and it wouldn't cost more than a standby generator. You could forget power companies and we would have independance from them. We could cut back on emissions from power plants. If interested, email me. I could always use the help putting my development on the market. Email - [email protected]


I appreciate what you are doing, but what if we could develop another way to power cars completely different than ethanol blend fuels? How about a car that runs on no biofuels and has 0% emissions by 2007 or 2009? It sounds hard to believe but it's here now. By 2014 we could start seeing levels of emissions drop 10% to 20%. If you are interested, please email me. I could always use the help to bring my development to the market. You can email me at [email protected]


let's see!
first we pass a law to meet FIXED TARGETS.
then we measure the reference levels to be guideposts.[are future objectives reasonable from whence we start?]
then we have a group of commissions[political appointees who have no accountability, even if alive at target dates of rcord] to generate an action planfor achieving said law.
then we assess plan for likely success, including economic impact


KEYSTONE KOPS alive yet you ask.

good luck and god speed new jersey and any others who would conjure up such a proposition.


dear Max, Canada is already accomplishing its Kyoto targets... only US & Australia refused any responsibility & obbligation...

R Mason

New Jersey is too small and too overpopulated with idiots to have much affect on anything!

I suggest that the current global-warming hysteria is just that. There is no scientific basis. The best intelligence appears that any warming trend is directly correlated with the sun's cyclical activity.

When carbon emissions are reduced to zero and no economic activity of any kind other than tepee weaving is permitted, then the sun's activity causes a cooling trend (possibly even return to an ice age) and what do we do then? Crank up the carbon emissions? You won't be able to build enough bonfires outside of your cave entrances. Al Gore will be safely in his grave.

The global-warmers should relax, take the day off, enjoy the warm weather, and remember the winter is coming!

J. Thompson

Just a thought that occurs to me is that there are more greenhouse gases produced by one volcanic eruption than have ever been produced by man in his entire history. So lets ban volcanic eruptions and the world can get back to normal. People need to wake-up and smell what these people are shoveling with their liberal bull.

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