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PHEVs to Congregate at Hybridfest 2007; Two Research PHEVs from Argonne

Calcars. The second annual Hybridfest, to be held 21-22 July in Madison, Wisconsin, will be one of the largest gatherings of plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) to date.

In addition to three or four converted Prius PHEVs, two research plug-ins from Argonne National Laboratory are to be there.

One is a Saturn VUE Green Line through-the-road parallel hybrid PHEV. The other is the “G-Volt” PHEV. The G-Volt features a series plug-in hybrid drivetrain mapping to the specs of the Chevrolet Volt but applied to a Geo research platform. The G-Volt is V2G-capable.



That G-Volt sounds very interesting indeed! Could well be packing a large A123 pack....


Yep... Good for the A Team. We are getting the first look at the Volt in prototype. A great idea to have the Fest - only the serious motorhead could appreciate a Festival of Hybrid Vehicles. The battery in this could be from either of the two contracts GM has let. It will be interesting to see.


gr, you'd be surprised about "motorheads"! Last year we had more than a hundred registrants from 21 states and Canada -- and several hundred more "walk-throughs". I know they weren't all serious motorheads. :-) Check out our website -- -- and take a look at our schedule of events and speakers. We're even offering clinics on driving for better fuel economy for registered members. Come check us out!

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