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Plug-In Prius Bound for the Carolinas

The Plug-In Hybrid Coalition of the Carolinas will take delivery of its first plug-in hybrid—a converted Prius—on 23 July.

The conversion is being performed by OEMTek of Milpitas CA and uses a 8.2 kWh lithium-ion pack from Valence that supplements the 1.2 kWh OEM battery currently in the Prius.

The coalition is a grassroots effort of civic, business, and environmental leaders urging automakers to move plug-in hybrid technology from prototype to production. The group receives support from area utilities including SCE&G, Progress Energy and Duke Energy.

Government studies have shown our nation has enough off-peak electricity to power 84 percent of the nation’s passenger and light duty truck fleet. Since the vehicles reduce emissions and lower fuel costs, we think plug-ins present a winning combination for consumers, the environment, and the utility industry.

—Bob Long, general manager of corporate planning for SCE&G

Beginning in August, the coalition will partner with the Coastal Conservation League and other environmental groups to tour major cities in the Carolinas. By the end of this year, sixteen similar prototypes are expected to be on the road from supporting organizations of the coalition.



Hear that Ford? ... sixteen ... by the end of the year ... from the grassroots no less.

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