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Rep. Inslee Introduces Bill to Force Decision on California GHG Waiver

US Representative Jay Inslee (D-WA) has introduced a bill designed to force a decision by the EPA on the waiver required for California to implement its regulations on vehicle greenhouse gas emissions. (Earlier post.)

H.R. 3083 amends the Clean Air Act to establish deadlines for the issuance of decisions on whether to grant certain waivers of preemption.

Washington is one of the states that would implement the California regulations.



An excellent idea to speed up a decision if it passes. Otherwise, I suspect the ruling would be delayed until at least the next president takes office. based on my correspondence with Toyota, the AAM intends to go to court anyway. Let's see what happens to the bill and see who has the juice in Washington, the AAM or the Congress.


There is really a much easier way to solve this problem. see the slide show on this page below for details.

To bad none of the D's or R's have enough guts to do the right thing for clean air.

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