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Respirator for Cyclists Filters Out Pollutants

An Industrial Design and Technology student from Brunel University in West London has designed an air-filtering cycle helmet and respirator that will filter out contaminants.

The Breathe Air personal respirator. Click to enlarge.

Luke Pannell’s Breathe Air powered personal air respirator (PPAR) incorporates pleated particle filters with a tested 98.5% efficiency for particles three microns in size to handle particulate matter.  A sheet of activated carbon cloth has also been integrated into the product to remove harmful organic vapors.

Breathe Air has a clear, polycarbonate shield that cups the user’s face but makes no contact with the skin. This system is possible due to the large amount of clean air that is blown over the cyclist’s face behind the shield, allowing him or her to breathe easily.

[Breathe Air is] a useful product for all cyclists in terms of maintaining healthy lungs. Concerns about pollution and personal safety stop people using this environmentally friendly form of transport. Combining a helmet with effective filtering will provide considerably more reassurance to people while cycling.

—Stephen Green, lecturer at Brunel University’s School of Engineering and Design



It is OK, but it has a clear visor over your eyes.
This will get scratched in no time at all.

Also, it makes the helmet very large - one nice thing about a bike helmet (vs. a motorbike helmet) is that it is small and can be hidden away in a backpack Etc.

This one is too big for this.
Also, they could have tinted the vision area to make some use of the perspex.

If someone could do a small, neat, filter for cyclists, it would be useful - especially in Europe where you have weather suitable for cycling and lots of diesel vehicles.

Bike Commuter Dude

I fear that a sweaty hill climb would make the clear shield fog up. In that case, you'd have to allow it some time to clear up, or remove the face mask, in which case you'd simply be wearing a silly hat. Good idea, poor execution. I hope they refine their model, this is a promising thought.


Uh, guys, the filter section is the front. The clear glass is simply a poorly-shaped (non-anthropomorphic) stand. This helmet/filter makes one look like "Predator."

I do agree- it is too bulky.


great now we can all drive diesels with impunity !


Regardless of where the filter is located (front or back), I can't imagine how a biker would drink from a water bottle or wipe their face.

Good idea, but it needs more refinement and usability testing.

Bikers (almost everybody) in Kuala Lumpur should get one free.

I could see needing to wipe your face while riding but you should stop before you take a drink. More likely to end up not seeing something on the road or to wander into traffic (just enough to be hit by a passing car) when you are tilting your head up to take a drink and riding your bike.

Fw Funwey

Should try powered adaptor such as ECBreathe ~ see It uses battery power to overcome resistance in filter and allows free breathing through N95 mask. Light and snug fit.

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