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Sasol to Receive Carbon Credits for N2O Abatement Project

Toyota “Greening” Its Production Plants

Toyota plans to institute a range of activities at its manufacturing plants to increase the sustainability of its production operations, starting with the Tsutsumi Plant, which makes the Prius.

Toyota has three overarching goals for this project:

  • Reducing CO2 by using renewable energy, including biomass and natural energy sources, such as solar power and wind power;

  • Contributing to the local community and conserving the environment by planting trees at plant; and

  • Achieving groundbreaking environmental performance by introducing innovative technology and kaizen (improvement) activities.

At the Tsutsumi plant, Toyota will use a 2,000 kW photovoltaic generation system—one of the biggest in use among the world’s automobile plants (as surveyed by Toyota). The plant already has a cogeneration system in place.

Toyota also intends to paint some of Tsutsumi’s exterior walls and other surfaces with environment-improving photocatalytic paint, which breaks down air-born nitrogen oxides (NOx) and sulfur oxides (SOx). The paint is expected to have the cleansing effect of 2,000 poplar trees.

Toyota will grow at Tsutsumi evergreen broadleaf trees native to the local area. It also intends to use its biotechnology and afforestation know-how such as by covering the ground and walls with NOx-absorbent vegetation.

The combination of projects, with a focus on photovoltaic generation, will reduce Tsutsumi’s CO2 emissions by 5%.

At its Takaoka Plant, Toyota is installing a new innovative assembly line, which is to begin operation soon. When a second innovative assembly line goes on-line at Takaoka in 2009, the plant is expected to achieve an annual CO2 reduction effect of 35%.


More reasons to make the Toyota Prius II or III your/our next car.

California should take Toyota's actions into consideration during it's law suit against the (6) polluting car compagnies.

Eforts like these, together with almost 1 000 000 hybrids on the roads have to be compensated.

Travis Rassat

This is the first time I've heard of photocatalytic paint. Does anybody know anything about it? Is this something I can buy for my house?


This article does not do Toyota justice at all. I worked at a Toyota assembly plant in Canada and I can tell you that the management at Toyota is possibly the most progressive in the world with respect to environmental issues. They specifically set targets each year to reduce energy usage, water consumption and waste. All of the process departments are subject to meeting these targets and many engineering projects are specific to improving environmental performance.
One particular waste heat recovery project saved the company several million dollars.

while I was there they implemented a rating system for the entire plant that analysed the environmental impacts of each process unit in terms of energy use, waste production, water consumption, air pollutant emissions and other criteria.
The company also performed several weekend energy audits and installed numerous water flow meters in order to meet their reduction goals.

factory rat

If this is a good reason to buy Toyota, Escape Hybrid should be your vehicle of choice - check out the Ford Rouge, or Ford Twin Cities - the later has a 18 million KW hydro plant.


18 million kW is 18 Gigawatts, or about half the entire UK's electricity demand.

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