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Toyota to Offer Lower-Priced, New Standard Prius for 2008, Cuts Price on Camry Hybrid

Toyota announced that it will offer a new lower-priced standard Prius with the 2008 lineup.

The base MSRP for Prius ranges from $20,950 for the newly introduced standard model to $23,220 for the Touring model. Base MSRP for the standard model 2007 Prius was $22,175.

The new Prius arrives in dealerships in August.

Toyota has also lowered Camry Hybrid’s base MSRP to $25,200, a decrease of $1,000 (-3.8%) versus the 2007 model. Both the 2008 Camry and Camry Hybrid will begin arriving in dealerships later this month.

The base MSRP for the RX 400h with front-wheel-drive will remain unchanged at $41,180. The price of the all-wheel-drive RX 400h also remains unchanged from 2007 at $42,580.


Toyota seems to be on the way to keep its promise to lower Hybrids price to equivalent ICE only vehicle price by 2010, while making them better and more efficient.

The redesigned Prius III (improved Hybrid version) is supposed to go about 73 miles per gallon by 2009. The Prius III (first generation PHEV version) may well reach 100+ mpg by 2010.

PHEVs price should also come down to equivalent ICE only vehicle price when mass produced in large enough quantities sometime between 2012 and 2015.

In the long run, pure BEVs should, by their simple nature, become the easiest and cheapest vehicles to produce. India will market a $3k basic light weight BEV by 2010/12. China could do it even before. It does not have to be a $99K electric sport car.

A progressive ban (starting with a few hours a day in selected areas), on ICE only cars and light trucks usage in our polluted cities, would help to accellerate the transition to BEVs. London England may be the first city to do it.


Toyota seems to be hitting its stride right now. They are managing to turn their advantage w/ hybrid vehicles into a savvy business strategy that will increasingly allow them to put the screws to their competitors.

Last week they announce a road test of the PHEV that they pretty much managed to keep under the lid until the announcement, and now they move towards purchase pricing that will increasingly make their hybrids competitive w/ ICEs. Once that milestone is hit why wouldn't you consider buying one? Makes no difference if gas is $1 or $4. If you like the Camry or the Prius the only reason not to buy one is if you happen to enjoy stopping a couple times a week to fill your tank!

DRD T-bone

@ Un-named poster

Do you have a source for those numbers or are they purely speculative? To my knowledge, I haven't seen final production figures released yet.


Roger Pham

Just what I've predicted, only sooner than expected.

Max Reid

Well done Toyota. Battery production cost must have dropped and also they must have removed some extras, that why a price decline or around $1,200.

Also without extras, the weight should be lesser and mileage should improve.

Now the sales of Prius will shoot up with sky as the limit.

Expect Civic-H prices to go down.

Travis Rassat

Is the 2008 Prius going to be any different than the 2007, other than the option changes to lower the price?

DRD T-Bone:

Please check with EV News for more.


wow, great news! it's about time, i've been always saying that toyota needlessly raises prices on the prius – and now they've done what no other car manufacturer ever does – actually lowered the MSRP for the vehicle!
kudos – looks like they are looking for a boost in their sales and feel confident like they can really start taking a significant portion of the passenger vehicle market with hybrid vehicles.

DRD T-bone

@ Un-named poster:

I'm still having difficulty finding:

"The redesigned Prius III (improved Hybrid version) is supposed to go about 73 miles per gallon by 2009"

In any press announcements by Toyota, not just speculation, please post a source. If you were referring to EVworld.com as "EV News" please post up the link from there.


How much are replacement batteries for the Prius?


so the new "cheaper" prius lacks basic features like cruise control, seatback pockets, heated mirrors, and the tonneau cover. with those things factored back into the price, it is actually more expensive by $150.
thanks a lot, toyota!

Jon Miller

I have a 2008 Prius which I just got a few weeks ago. I just calculated the mileage on mine and it came out to 73 MPG. According to the computer it got 56.2 MPG, but, when I calculated it after filling up it came out to 73.977. I only drove it 189.9 miles before I filled up, so, maybe it wasn't accurate because it wasn't topped off the same amount or something. The fuel indicator shows that it's full though. And even if it was 1 gallon off, that's still 53 MPG. I wonder if the 2008 is better than the older models? I'm guessing it's probably just wishful thinking and something is off in my calculations. It will be great if it's true though. I drove it probably 90% highway at speeds of 55-65 MPH. In the city, I tried to run fully electric as much as possible let it regenerate power when I saw red lights a ways ahead. I think I need to wait until the tank is about empty before testing it next time. It'll take awhile to empty it at this rate though. ;-)

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