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ARB Issues Instructions on Reporting CO2 Emissions for MY 2008 and Beyond

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) issued a “mail-out” to all vehicle and engine manufacturers—whether on- or off-road; light-, medium- or heavy-duty; marine or terrestrial—notifying them of the requirement and procedure to report CO2 emissions from 2008 and subsequent model year vehicles and engines.

The reporting requirement does not require any additional emissions tests. Typically, CO2 emissions are measured along with criteria pollutant emissions by the testing facilities and used in the emissions calculations. CO2 measurements are also the basis for CAFE calculations.

Certifying engine/vehicle manufacturers are now being asked to include the measured carbon dioxide emissions in their California certification applications. The ARB mail-out provides guidance to all manufacturers on how to report the CO2 numbers.



ewww. i dont like this. you need to make a better website so people can actully read it.

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