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First Australian Export of Biodiesel Leaves Port

Drive. Australia’s first export shipment of biodiesel has been loaded on a freighter in Darwin and is bound for Asia and the US.

Natural Fuels Australia produced the inaugural shipment of 8.8 million liters of palm oil biodiesel. The Darwin plant has a capacity of 138 million liters (36.5 million gallons US).

Natural Fuel has also commenced construction of three biodiesel plants on Jurong Island in Singapore, with a total nameplate capacity of 680 million liters per year (180 million gallons US) and has approved the construction of a 200,000 tonnes (60.4 million gallons US) per year plant in Houston, Texas.



Seems like alot of burnt diesel to get it here. What, praytell, are they going to export on the freighter when it gets here?

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