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Honda To Sell Civic Hybrid In China This Year

Nikkei. Honda Motor will sell its hybrid Civic in China before the end of the year, becoming the second automaker after Toyota Motor Corp. to offer a hybrid car in China.

Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co., the joint venture of Honda and China’s Dongfeng Motor Corp. will begin importing and selling the Civic Hybrids as soon as the government grants permission. Eventually Dongfeng Honda Automobile will manufacture the car locally for the Chinese market.

The goal is annual sales of 500-1,000 units.



1K CARS! Nothing like storming the market, huh Honda!
Seriously, I hope the project is successful because China's destiny is to be the largest auto market in the world and if they also depend on fossil fuels, there's going to be a lot of parked ICE cars in the world. The best of all moves would be for China to go all BEVs asap and not make the same mistakes we did by not continuing to develop EVs and efficient batteries.

The traction that EVs are gaining and the bright future for the technology is excitin', especially for those of us who appreiate good science and engineering.

Max Reid

Makes sense, after all China is World's #2 market. Hope the Chinese buy Civic-Hybrid as well.

US Sales-July-2007

In a month when overall auto sales declined 7%, Toyota's Hybrids increased from 20,298 (Jul-2006) to 23,123 (Jul-2007).

Honda declined, no idea about Ford.
Overall its a bad month for vehicles, but Prius sales increase 50 %.

August should see improved sales as Price of Prius is reduced by $1,200.
Hope Honda also responds with lower price.

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