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Land Rover UK Expanding Carbon Offset Program

Land Rover is expanding its carbon offset program in the UK (earlier post), based on customer feedback. 

Customers driving pre-2007 model year cars or who exceed the 45,000 miles on 2007 model year vehicles will now be able to offset their emissions through Climate Care, a specialist CO2 offset provider. Climate Care will invest in a portfolio of projects that is fully transparent, independently assessed and effective. Customers will have the option to offset either 15,000 miles or 45,000 miles, which equates to approximately one or three years’ use respectively.

Using an online calculator developed for Land Rover customers, an offset figure is generated based on fuel type, number of cylinders, transmission type and the mileage to be offset. To do this Land Rover customers can visit www.climatecare.org.uk/landrover.

The scheme will complement the existing CO2 offset programme introduced last September on 2007 model year vehicles where the first 45,000 miles are offset as standard in the UK.

In addition to offsetting vehicle emissions, Land Rover also offsets the CO2 generated by production operations at its two manufacturing facilities in Britain.



So the buyer of a Range Rover Sport can sleep peacefully at night, safe in the knowledge that his £216 means that his vehicle is not contributing to climate change at all.

How nice.

Interesting that the calculator doesn't actually mention how much CO2 will be emitted. Just how much you have to pay to absolve your sins (the equivalent of less than 3 tanks of petrol). It's very very wrong.


Astonishing anyone is buying this bourgeois capitalist shame and tax scheme. Who administers these CO2 taxes? What oversight is there? If someone is willing to pay these CO2 taxes, they should be willing to mitigate their driving habits.

Amazing what people can be suckered into believing - this one is a top of the line confidence game!

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