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Louisiana Gets Its First Retail E85 Station

The first retail E85 station has opened in the state of Louisiana at Pumpelly Oil in Sulphur, on the I-10 corridor.

This E85 fueling facility is a partnership between CleanFUEL Distribution, a joint venture between CleanFUEL USA and Protec Fuel Management, and Pumpelly Oil. CleanFUEL USA manufactured the dispenser, CleanFUEL Distribution is providing the fuel, and Pumpelly Oil owns the station offering the service.

Ethanol feedstocks are currently comprised primarily of Midwestern corn. An increasing amount of corn and sugar cane produced by our farming community will be a source for local ethanol production.

Louisiana indigenous coastal grasses and forest products can also provide a cellulosic derived supply for the increasing demand for ethanol. This station and others to follow can be supplied by ethanol produced by our local farmers that will in turn power the increasing number of vehicles operating in our state.

—Rick Richard, chairman of CleanFUEL USA

There are only nine remaining US states without a single publicly accessible E85 station, according to the National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition (NEVC).


Max Reid

Good news, E85 stations are opening all across the country, even in Delaware, recently a station was opened.

People of Louisiana know the meaning of GLOBAL WARMING very well.

sierra club activist

Overall the people of Louisiana are clueless about global warming despite the horrors of Katrina. They elect to continue the normal everyday practice of raping the land for profit. I live there, I know. The majority have zero respect for preserving nature and doing the right thing for the greater good. Instead our corrupt politicians fund things like E85 made from Corn and leave common citizens behind in favor of petrochemical industries and special interest groups. There is a reason why Louisiana is consistently at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to national ratings of education, quality of living etc. The people in power and its citizens opt to do the wrong thing at almost every opportunity. Including this one!


Good job Louisiana!
Ethanol for e85 is made from livestock corn and is a waste product from making animal feed. Very similar to biodiesel fuel as a leftover from soy.

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