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Mozambique Plans $550M Biofuels Project

Mail and Guardian. State-owned Mozambican Petroleum Company (Petromoc) is planning a $550-million biofuels project.

In an interview with Reuters, Eugenio Silva, a senior Petromoc official, said it will create about 800 jobs and lead to a maximum annual production of 226-million litres [about 60 million gallons US] of ethanol and biodiesel seven years after start-up. Sugar cane and jatropha, a drought-resistant shrub, will be planted on about 74,000ha of land as part of the joint project with Cofamosa, which represents about 200 Mozambican and South African farmers, Silva said.

In addition to domestic consumption, Mozambique also hopes to be able to export biofuels to neighboring African nations and further afield. Petromoc is 80% owned by the government and 20% owned by employees and operates 119 filling stations in the country and has 35% of the domestic energy market.



If they are going down the road of biofuels (1st Gen) then they should seriously consider 3 crops:
1) Sorghum esp. sweet sorghum.
2) Sweet Potatoes
3) Palms esp. species that produce copious quantites of sap for ethanol production.

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