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Ontario Planning Initiatives to Reduce Fuel Consumption and Greenhouse Gases

Globe and Mail. The Canadian province of Ontario is planning to introduce a three-pronged transportation initiative to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

One element is a green vehicle program that will rate cars, light trucks and commercial vehicles based on environmental criteria. The government will provide incentives for the purchase of “green” vehicles, which will be identified with a special license plate.

The perks have yet to be determined. The program is expected to be launched by spring 2008.

The province is also investing C$15-million in a pilot project to help businesses convert to more environmentally friendly technologies.

Ontario will also install two new ethanol fuelling stations in the province.



So in the province of Ontario an area as large as the eastern US, they are going build two Ethanol gas stations.


Yeah, and unfortunately we only have that many to begin with. I happen to be located very close to one of them, but won't be wasting my money on their ethanol from corn.

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