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Report: Ford Developing Follow-Up to HySeries Plug-In Fuel Cell Hybrid Concept

The UK’s Verdict on Cars reports that Ford is developing a follow-up to the HySeries Edge hydrogen fuel cell plug-in hybrid concept. (Earlier post.)

A new ultra-aerodynamic body reportedly will be manufactured from aluminium to save weight, with the goal of reducing fuel consumption, extending the range and improving performance.

Improved packaging of the drive-train components is also expected, along with a reduction in cost that will take the project closer to Ford’s aim of selling plug-in hybrids by 2015-17.

(A hat-tip to Datapro!)



Maybe a sign that Ford's new CEO is bringing in his weight saving ways from Boeing?


Certainly lots of room to reduce the size of the 2.5 ton monster. Will improve performance too (currently 1-60, 14 sec.)

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