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The ELIM-NOx SCR system. Click to enlarge.

Tenneco Inc. is acquiring the mobile emissions business of Combustion Components Associates, Inc. (CCA), a manufacturer of air pollution control technologies, for approximately US$16 million, subject to customary closing conditions.

The acquisition enhances Tenneco’s complete system integration capabilities for selective catalyst reduction (SCR) emissions control technologies designed to meet more stringent future diesel emissions regulations for passenger cars and trucks.

CCA designed and manufactured a urea SCR system—ELIM-NOx—that reduces NOx emissions by 70 to 90 percent. (Earlier post.)

The urea injector. Click to enlarge.

The ELIM-NOx urea injector system and “self-learn” monitoring device are unique, according to Tenneco. The injector system is capable of providing rapid, uniform dispersion of urea without the use of steam or compressed air, reducing overall system lifecycle cost.

The “self-learn” monitoring device—which uses sensors to measure NOx, exhaust temperature, and other engine parameters—significantly reduces vehicle development time and cost. The device is temporarily mounted on a development vehicle as it operates in normal driving conditions. This helps minimize off-line vehicle testing and calibration.

Tenneco believes that, with this technology, it will be the only complete emissions control system manufacturer with the capability to manufacture and integrate its own injector systems into a diesel emissions control system.

The CCA self-learning capability is truly unique, allowing for very quick prototyping of development vehicles. We believe it will offer an extremely attractive system integration alternative for our customers, saving both time and money compared to traditional dynamometer calibration techniques.

—Tim Jackson, Tenneco Chief Technology Officer

In addition to providing this innovative solution to original equipment manufacturers, Tenneco will also sell retrofit versions of the ELIM-NOx system for commercial vehicles. Later this year, the company expects to complete final validation testing for the system to be added to the EPA list of verified retrofit technologies.



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