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The US House of Representatives will not tackle light-duty vehicle fuel economy standards when they begin discussing energy legislation this week.

The sponsors of two competing proposals, Ed Markey and Baron Hill, withdrew their proposals for consideration as amendments to the larger energy package now on the floor.

I strongly respect Chairman Ed Markey and Congressman Baron Hill for their decisions to withdraw their amendments on fuel efficiency standards in the interest of promoting passage of a consensus energy bill.

The American people—in every region of the country—overwhelmingly support stronger fuel efficiency standards, and we will have an opportunity to address this issue shortly. The Senate energy bill does contain a CAFE provision, which I support.

—Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi

The Markey amendment was similar to the Senate proposal of 35 mpg by 2020; the Hill-Terry proposal, which was supported by the auto industry, was more lenient. Hill-Terry maintained separate standards for cars and light trucks, and established a minimum of 32 mpg and a maximum of 35 mpg combined standard for 2022.

The Markey bill and the Senate bill set one average requirement for both cars and light-duty trucks.


al gore

those sons a bitches on capital hill.. Big auto got in their pants again. It is really sick.

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