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VeraSun to Test Escape Hybrid Flexible Fuel Vehicle

VeraSun Energy Corporation, one of the US’ largest ethanol producers, is testing one of the 20 new Ford Escape Hybrid FFVs (earlier post) for a two-year period to demonstrate the benefit of converging flexible fuel and hybrid technologies.

Ford is delivering 20 Escape Hybrid FFVs to strategic partners and fleet customers in six different states. The Escape Hybrid FFV will produce up to 25 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions when running on E85 as compared to the standard Escape Hybrid running on gasoline, according to Ford.



And VeraSun should be creating partnerships with independent gas stations, conveneience stores and heating fuel distributors to build out a network of alternative fuel pumps.

The "benefit" of ethanol burning hybrids is fact. Getting the ethanol into the tank is the problem. Ethanol producers must begin to address the second part of their business - distribution channels.

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