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ABAT to Supply Polymer Li-Ion Batteries to Wuxi Angell Autocycle

Advanced Battery Technologies (ABAT) has contracted with Wuxi Angell Autocycle Co., Ltd. to produce $4.6 million worth of polymer lithium-ion battery sets for Wuxi Angell vehicles.

Wuxi Angell Autocycle Co., Ltd. manufactures motorized vehicles, including e-bikes, ATVs, scooters, pocket bikes, dirt bikes, go-karts, snow scooters, and sea scooters, for domestic and overseas markets.

Advanced Battery Technologies develops, manufactures, and distributes rechargeable polymer lithium-ion (PLI) battery cells using lithium cobalt oxide material in the anode as well as in the cathode.


Mike L

Its very promising to see these types of press releases. Its shows that Li-ion is penetrating all markets, both geographic and vehicle type. Further, with more deals like these, an expectation could be set that new players will enter the battery market and that technology will help drive the process of manufacturing these cells lower.


It would seem that PLI batteries with lithium-cobalt anodes have proven insufficient, at least for Toyota. One might assume that they could be a lower cost product for smaller applications.

The problem, of course, is the demand for higher performance with lower weight vehicles, witness the strategies to reduce bicycle components by a few grams.

So, for e-bikes, there still will be a marketing push for the best performance for those, who can afford it. Meanwhile, lithium-cobalt batteries could compete with NiMH or improved lead acid approaches.

The "dark horse" in this market is an ultra-cap pack, such as with what Toyota won that endurance race recently.

motorized wheelchair

“ Constructed with polycarbonate and polyester mesh, the chair folds together from a single sheet into a three dimensional structure, strong enough to withstand the weight of an adult.” Snippet from origamiblog.

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