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CalCars, the organization that has been tireless in its efforts to, among other things, bring plug-in hybrids to the attention of policy makers in the US, is proposing taking a plug-in hybrid to the upcoming UNFCCC climate change meeting (COP-13) in Bali in December.

We think the value of having a low-carbon (under 110 gram/kilometer) PHEV at the conference could be substantial: we could gain enormous interest from the media throngs, officials and NGOs. This could help to definitively establish the PHEV as a leading solution to CO2 reduction in transportation.

—Felix Kramer, CalCars

CalCars is not proposing to bring a PHEV from the US; rather, it is proposing a “high-visibility” Prius conversion in Australia or New Zealand. The car would be shipped to Bali, then return to promote PHEVs in its country of origin.

At this point, CalCars is looking for local coordinators in Australia or New Zealand. CalCars founder Felix Kramer estimates they will need to raise about US$50,000 for the entire effort.

Also on the international front, CalCars is presenting at a 17-18 September conference (Driving Sustainability '07 Conference in Iceland, which is receiving its own PHEV Prius converted by Amberjac in the UK.

The National Energy Authority of Iceland, a key sponsor of the conversion, will monitor the performance of the car, owned by an individual who lives in Akuyeri.


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