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China Launches “Green Traffic Week” and “No Car Day” in 108 Cities

China Daily. The government of China is urging people in 108 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin, to walk, ride bicycles and use public transport instead of driving cars for the week ending 22 September.

Initiated by the Ministry of Construction (MOC), the first national urban public transport campaign, “Green Transport and Health”, will see one or more special zones in the 108 cities. These will be open only to pedestrians, bicycles, taxis and buses from 7 am to 7 pm on September 22, or the “No Car Day”.

The weeklong campaign will be repeated during the same period every year, the MOC said. MOC Vice-Minister Qiu Baoxing told reporters the campaign will save 33 million liters of gas and cut emissions by 3,000 tons on the “No Car Day”. Moreover, it will also reduce the chances of accidents on the cities’ roads.

In Beijing, 50% of commuters use public transport, 20% ride bicycles and the remainder drive private cars.


At least most of them will still remember how to ride bicycles, plus, I assume the weather is decent enough at this time of year - I had read that Beijing is too hot in Summer and too cold in winter (for comfortable cycling).

Plus, I wouldn't imagine the Chinese police will take any nonsense from people.

It will be interesting for them to see how quickly the air clears with no cars.

On the other hand, there will still be loads of diesel buses to "maintain" air quality.

Mark M

Wow, I actually like this action, it could be that China is testing green initatives or they are simply getting it's population used to oil shortages so society can continue; we currently would not support this action in North America because we are 'free' but when the fuel shortages come, as they will, our society will grind to a halt and China's won't. These actions also influence urban design so shortages have less of an impact.

In Beijing only 30% drive and they are conjested already?


Mark, less than 5% of China's population drive vehicles. And sales have quadrupled in the last couple years.

Traffic congestion is a problem the world over and requires changes in lifestyle and transport patterns. Still, wouldn't trade it for a totalitarian, minority rule government that censors everything its population sees, reads or listens to - out of fear.

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