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Cilion Closes $105M Debt Financing for Ethanol Facilities

Corn ethanol producer Cilion (earlier post), has closed on a $105-million debt package for the construction of two ethanol plants in California. Cilion, founded in 2006, has previously raised more than $200 million.

Farm Credit Services of America, MetLife and CoBank were co-lead lenders in the transaction.

Cilion plans to operate modular, standardized 55 million gallons per year ethanol plants that intend to be cheaper and greener than standard corn-to-ethanol plants, substantially reducing the need for fossil fuels in ethanol production.

In addition to the closure of debt financing, Cilion announced that its first facility in Keyes, California, is 50% complete. The Keyes plant will produce 55 million gallons of ethanol annually, making Cilion the largest producer in the California market when completed. Commissioning of the facility is expected in early 2008.




1st February 2008


This is Modern Group of Companies based in India. Please look into our website for our groups Alcohol and Biofuel (Ethanol and Biodiesel) Turnkey Project Engineering activities. Our email Ids are [email protected] and [email protected]

Modern Group of Companies, World-class producer of green energy from renewable sources, is taking the liberty of calling upon you for seeking your expertise for world representation on behalf of our Group Company.

We are a fast growing State-of-the-Art Technology Company Designing, Engineering, Installing, Commissioning, Training and Servicing and supplying proven Alcohol, Ethanol and Bio-diesel turnkey plants (ie Industrial Alcohol, Beverage Alcohol and Fuel Alcohol).

The turnkey plants supplied executed and commissioned by us with proven technology are in operation successfully worldwide. We have more than 400 plants in operation worldwide for various applications for the last more than 25 years.

We have the leading-edge manufacturing technology. We are known for the implementation of best-class improvised process yields and effective cost-competitive operational performance. Our wide experience and expertise/specialization is in Evaporation, Concentration, Distillation, Drying and Spray Drying Technology for various applications.

We take pride to claim that the Technologies adopted, encompassed and executed by us are unique and the best in the world.

We have expertise and capability to deliver Alcohol and Ethanol and Biodiesel plants for various Feedstock like Molasses, Grains to Corn including Rice, Wheat, Cane, Cane Juice, Cane Syrup, Tubers-Cassava/Tapioca, Sugar-beet, Sweet Sorgam, Maize, Bajra, Cereal ,,,,,etc. Biodiesel Plants from Jatropha.. and other feed stocks.

The salient features of our plants are : We have proven edge on other competing technology. We are committed. We stand guarantee for agreed performance, economics of operations, faster Return of Capital, efficient and trouble free running and very minimum maintenance of plant. Our technology includes total solution to alcohol, ethanol and biodiesel production including a high-tech effluent zero discharge system.

We are interested in associating with your esteemed organization and associates for all your future turnkey projects for Alcohol and Biofuels worldwide. We are well equipped to mobilize our Technologies worldwide.

We invite representation of marketing services from dynamic and result oriented individuals, consultants and enterprising firms globally for supply Biofuel Projects State-of-the-Art Turnkey Process Engineering Plants worldwide ie. For Ethanol and Biodiesel production from variable alternative feedstocks like sugarcane based molasses and starch based Corn and Grains etc…...

Our topic of focus is on numerous High Powered approved Biofuel ie. Ethanol and Biodiesel turnkey plants worldwide, especially in Brazil, US and UK, France, Germany, and so on. The target set for Biofuel/Ethanol production globally by 2012 is very-very huge.

Unimaginable capacities are being up-loaded by adding capacities to existing plants. New Licenses to set up new Biofuel - Ethanol and Biodiesel turnkey projects are being issued regularly to qualified as well as new enterprising ethanol producers. These biofuel turnkey projects promoting biofuel are actively undertaken by the respective Government, Energy organisation, Public and Private enterprises of all countries.

Our Groups is committed to mobilise and upgrade Green Technologies. The projects engineered and designed by us accelerates Cleaner Technologies. We are dedicated and deeply involved in the subject of biofuels through consistent research and development. Our know-how provides total Alcohol/Ethanol/Biodiesel (Biofuel) production technology. Our technology offer total zero effluent discharge system and complete pollution solutions for the effluent generated as result of ethanol production.

Ethanol and Biodiesel are green fuels. Ethanol and Biodiesel are conformed and confirmed to strongly replace Fossil Fuel-petrol/Diesel in a phased world programme by 2015. Technology has evolved to blend from 10% to 85% ethanol with gasoline (petrol). Biodiesel can be blended to straight 100% directlyTechnology up gradation has proven that 100% Ethanol (without gasoline mix) can now be used for all compression and ignition applications for industrial and motor vehicle fuel injection systems directly.

All the Advanced countries and underdeveloped countries, geographically blessed with abundant tropical feed stocks and raw material for production of ethanol is today only concentrating on large scale ethanol production and its infrastructure. Awareness drive conducted to profitably bring in huge area of lands under farmers cooperatives and societies for systematic cultivation of abundant alternative feedstock like sugarcane, corn, grains, sweet sorgam, sugarbeet etc…. to meet the rising global demand for ethanol production.

This means dependability on fossil fuel ie. Gulf based Fossil Fuel-Petrol will be reduced drastically in the days to come. Presently, the programme of being self sufficient on Green Fuel/Biofuel is the ‘buzz word’ for all Advanced and Underdeveloped countries. The target set to be achieved is within the next 8-10 years time.

The rapid switching over from fossil fuel to green fuel is one of the answers to reduce Global Warming.

The proven technology offered by us is with strong reference to the proven plants running successfully world-wide. We design and engineer plants that guarantee very economical operational/running cost per litre of production of Ethanol/Biofuel. Our technology and system guarantees faster Return on Investment. Our system offered gives better economics of production and lesser operating cost.

We claim with pride here that our Technology for Biofuel production is the best in the World. Our mission now is to reach globally by increasing our visibility and offer the proven best technology in the world to the end users.

The Economics of Operations and Return on Investment will be well defined by us at the feasibility stage on a case to case basis depending upon the proposed capacity of the plant and the alternate feed stock raw material availability.

Once the proposed project is technically frozen with the Proposed Buyer, we will be able to stand guarantee for the performance of the plant on all the parameters of production of ethanol agreed upon mutually. This obligation and parameters of performances will form a part of the contractual obligations signed and agreed mutually by both the contracting parties.

We are geared up to globally accept and upgrade all technical innovations and challenges for state-of-the-Art Ethanol/Biofuel production turnkey plants from time to time. We are prepared to answer all the qualitative and quantitative technological related queries. We shall prescribe specific know-hows and special recommendations for setting up state-of-the-Arts Ethanol plants successfully. It will be our priority to meet the highest decision makers of all the proposed ethanol producing organization and offer the the best techno-commercial terms.

We will conduct special technical seminars and technical presentations to bring in awareness of latest technological development and answer all technical queries and apprehensions for setting up, operating and running Ethanol/Biofuel plants productively, profitably and successfully.

Referring our website will give you in brief adequate details of our groups engineering and designing capability, competence, capacity and USP to cater to world wide requirement for all ranges of biofuel - Ethanol and Biodiesel plants encompassing the state of the art technology.

Our mission and target is to promote our state-of-the-Art Turnkey Biofuel plants worldwide. The important task now is to target, locate, identify and reach all the proposed as well as sanctioned projects for biofuel/ethanol world-wide well in time.

With this strong backround, we should be able to continue to work together productively uninterrupted on a long term basis, of course, on mutually beneficial terms.

In your area of operation, your first and immediate source for new Biofuel projects will be contacting the local Government Authorities offices for the first hand information on details of sanctioned projects for biofuel ie. Ethanol and Biodiesel and our other ranges.

The respective Government Authorised Offices and other sources of first hand information on New projects on Biofuel are in general as under in the local areas of any given location in the world :

1) Department of Energy
2) Department of Renewal Energy
3) Chamber of Commerce
4) Ministry of Industries and Commerce
5) Renewal Fuel Associations
6) Renewal Energy Consultants
7) Non Government and non profitable organization for biofuel/renewal energy / green fuel programmes
8) Existing Alcohol and Ethanol manufacturing units
9) Identifying High Networth Individuals who are looking for new opportunities for business/investment
10) Contacts with the World Bank/local Commercial Banks who finances such Biofuel projects / Renewal Energy projects / Green fuel projects.
11) TV News and Stock Exchange News and biofuel based newsletters.
12) Business lines related Newspapers
13) Market development and product/projects development consultants.

Such lists of sanctioned projects by the respective Government / Commercial Banks are available on request from time to time. What you need to do is to be in touch with these offices/ Bank officials on telephone and email and visit when you feel a must and collect the information. On receiving the list of the companies given sanction, contact the proposed biofuel sanctioned companies Public Relations/concerned officials on telephone/email and get the name and communication details (ie. Name, email id, mobile number) of the Key Technical Person handling the project. Send the details as per the attached questionnaire to Modern Groups via email. Your job is done.

We are looking forward for true representation worldwide. Participation in order conclusion and order convertion will be handsomely rewarded. Repeated success stories by default will qualify for representing the Companies representative offices worldwide as and when it becomes due for operation shortly.

You are liberty to forward this email to all known prospects to you, also to all Producers of Alcohol, Ethanol and Biodiesel and their associates who are planning for expansion or setting up new plants in the near future.

You are also free to re-direct this email to any of your other friends, relatives, colleagues, associates or any other enterprising firms, you deem fit, who would be interested in taking up this joint venture with our group of companies, yes,
of course! on mutually acceptable beneficial terms.

Further details in my next email to you on receiving your response. Please acknowledge and let us know your further queries by return email.



MOBILE NO : +91 9844040971

Refer Website : for brief.

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