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Electric-Drive Drag Racing in San Diego

The Electric Vehicle Association of San Diego (EVAoSD) will host an electric-drive drag racing event 26-27 January 2008, open to electric, hybrid, and fuel cell vehicles.

I am tired of the same old rhetoric of electric cars coming in a few more years. The technology is here today and you can see electric-drive on the track. There is no reason we can’t drive cleaner today.

—Bill Hammons, President of Electric Vehicle Association of San Diego

This event will have vendors, electric-drive owners, and competitors showing off the future of transportation by reducing pollution without losing the power and excitement of racing, according to the EVAoSD.

Electric drive vehicle owners can register online at for the event.

Technology has always stemmed from racing and now that the tides are turning away from gas, we can show people exactly what exists today to take its place. We have new technology batteries, electric motors, controllers, and drive systems that can change our dependency on foreign oil, this event will showcase exactly what comes from those who refuse to think inside the box.

—Joseph Gottlieb of Electra-City Motors, a ZAP electric car dealer

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I think the electric drag races will be fun to see, but I also think it is the wrong message. I would rather see events that involve less testosterone, and emphasize creating a comfortable, safe vehicle for the general public with maximizes efficiency of power used, and the ability to drive 75-85 mph. Unfortunately, even the X-prize competition is geared towards maximum speed as long as the vehicle obtains at least 100 MPG.


"Race on Sunday, Sell on Monday."


God I wish I could go to this. Maybe next year. As soon as I can afford it I'll compete. This is exactly what America needs. In order for these cars to sell across the US, car enthusiasts must get excited about them. People trust their opinions, and if they're impressed with at least some wicked electric cars, then a lot more vanilla electric cars will be sold.

Events like this ARE fun to see. But if you'll look at the registrants there's some people there who aren't there to drag race, but to show off. This happens at car shows like NOPI and the NHRA. Come for the show, check out the more practical stuff in the parking lot or on display.

There's two competitors on the list with good looking cars that I'll bet are fast enough to turn heads. If people start to buy more cheap old cars, preferably sports cars that perhaps you can't get parts for anymore, and converting them to electrics, this whole changeover to electric will happen a lot faster.


What will they do for noise ?

Silent drag racing will sound funny. Maybe they could use recorded or synthesised sounds.

However, it sounds like the sort of thing to enhance the image of electric cars and this has to be good.


"Silent drag racing"

Have you seen the YouTube videos of the electric motorcycle? If this is any indication, it will be far from silent.


You really hear the tires squeal when electrics take off. That sounds better than many of the ICE cars that drag race. A few sound really great, but many sound broken.

Less hearing damage in the world at the cost of some of drag racing's visceral quality.


By the way, once they lick the battery problem, electric-powered dragsters could be the wave of the future.

The reason is simple: MASSIVE torque at initial acceleration and no worries about engine breathing. In fact, even with the primitive state of electric-powered dragsters today they could easily outrun much more powerful cars because of the huge starting torque.

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