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First Biogas Installation for Domestic and Transport Use in Netherlands

In September, the first installation in The Netherlands which retrieves biogas from the sewage treatment process for domestic and transport use officially entered service in the city of Beverwijk.

BioGast in Beverwijk.

The system from BioGast Sustainable Energy upgrades biogas resulting from the fermentation of sewage sludge to “green” natural gas which is then fed into the gas grid of ENECO Energie. The BioGast system is targeting yearly production of 650,000 m3 of gas—sufficient for more than 400 households.

A filling installation has been added to the BioGast which allows cars to fill up their tanks with Biogas. The Hollands Noorderkwartier Water Board will purchase natural gas fuelled cars which will run on the CO2 neutral biogas.

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Colin and Theony MacRae

We run a family business in South Africa and we own a wildlife park and offer horse-riding safaris. We are now starting a new porject where we will be building 16 holiday homes, and we would like to run all the energy needs from biogas. Is there any way that we could learn more about biogas from your company? Our website is or www

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