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Gaz de France, Vattenfall in CO2 Project in Germany

Gaz de France has signed a cooperation agreement with the Vattenfall Group for a CO2 injection and enhanced gas recovery pilot project in Germany.

Under this agreement, Erdgas Erdöl GmbH Berlin (EEG), a 100% exploration-production affiliate of Gaz de France in Germany, will use CO2 for the enhancement of gas recovery (EGR) from its almost depleted Altmark gas field, the second-largest onshore field in Europe. Vattenfall will deliver the carbon dioxide required for this process from its own power plant processes.

This project, which will contribute to Gaz de France’s research program on capture, injection and storage of CO2, will need approximately 15 months to implement.

Gaz de France is involved in several European projects focused on CO2storage, including injection experiments on the K12-B field in the Dutch North Sea.



Seems like this (and other) CO2 sequestration projects are used to enhance oil/gas recovery. Is this a good thing? I guess if we had a serious Cap and Trade regime in place then it wouldn't matter...


The Weyburn project in Canada actually recovered so much oil that the amount of CO2 emitted after combustion of that oil, will actually be more than the original amount of CO2 injected into the oil field in the first place. That makes me wonder why this is considered a carbon sequestration technique.

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