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Google.org Issues $10M RFP to Accelerate Commercialization of Plug-in Hybrids, EVs and V2G

Google.org has issued a $10 million request for proposals from for-profit companies to enable widespread commercialization of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, electric vehicles and/or vehicle-to-grid solutions.

In June, Google.org introduced its RechargeIT initiative to accelerate the adoption of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. As part of this initiative, Google.org awarded $1 million in grants and announced plans for the RFP. (Earlier post.)

The RFP is global in scope, and Google.org is encouraging responses from companies anywhere in the world. Planned investments range from $500,000 to $2,000,000 in selected projects.

Google.org’s view of examples of companies or individuals that might want to apply includes:

  • An early stage technology venture coming out of a university or lab looking to develop and commercialize a product (a new type of battery, for example).

  • An innovative services business that can play a key role in the widespread adoption of PHEVs, EVs and/or V2G solutions.

  • A company focused on one of these markets which can use additional investment capital to scale up adoption of its products.

  • A company active in the automotive or power space that could modify an existing product that addresses a key need in one of these markets.

We are inviting entrepreneurs and companies to show us their best ideas on how they can contribute to this important cause. We need catalytic investments to support technologies, products and services that are critical to accelerating plug-in vehicle commercialization. That is why we have structured this RFP to offer investment dollars to for-profit companies to promote social and environmental change.

The severity of global warming requires solutions from NGOs, governments, individuals and (very importantly) the private sector. We have already made $1 million in grants to a group of outstanding non-profit organizations, and want to expand our impact by spurring innovation in the private sector. While $10 million is a fraction of the total investment needed to transform our transportation sector, we hope this RFP will help catalyze a broader response. We need the automakers to bring these cars to market, but plug-in vehicles also need an entire ecosystem of companies flourish.


Proposals should be submitted to www.google.org/recharge/rfpform no later than 22 October 2007. Google.org is the philanthropic arm of Google Inc.


Arthur Browning

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Give it to them, they actually care and are acting like a clean energy incubator.

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