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Honeywell Turbo Business to Launch 11 Small Diesel Applications in Next Two Years

Honeywell’s Turbo business will launch 11 small diesel turbo applications with eight global car manufacturers over the next two years.

Sales of small diesel engines worldwide, considered those below 1.7L in engine displacement, are expected to double from four million to close to eight million in the next five years, according to a forecast by Honeywell Turbo Technologies. In Europe, small diesel engines are expected to increase their share among all diesel engines produced from 33% to 55% within the next five years.

Honeywell pioneered variable geometry technology for large diesel, and has now completed the adaptation of its third generation VNT to small diesel engines.

The growth trends for small diesel engines cover both developed economies and emerging markets, but are driven by different factors, according to Olivier Rabiller.

In developed economies, turbocharging is increasingly adopted as an effective way of lowering CO2 emissions while continuing to meet the customers’ need for great performance and driveability, whereas in emerging markets, high fuel prices mean that car buyers tend to pay greater attention to a vehicle’s fuel economy. As a result, there is a shift from small gasoline engines to small diesel engines.

—Olivier Rabiller, Vice President, Customer Management, Passenger Vehicles at Honeywell Turbo Technologies


John Schreiber

All diesels should have turbos, as this is one of the best ways to insure excess air in all operating regimes.

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