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Hybrid Specialist Garage Opens in San Francisco

Luscious Garage—possibly the first hybrids-only service and repair garage in the nation—has opened in the SOMA neighborhood of San Francisco.

Luscious Garage owner Carolyn Coquillette with one of her customers, Felix Kramer of CalCars.

The business caters to all makes of hybrids, as well as electric vehicles, and employs a sustainability framework based on The Natural Step. Owner and lead technician, Carolyn Coquillette announced that Luscious Garage “is on track to achieve zero waste within ninety days of opening its doors.

In addition to service, diagnosis, and repair of conventional hybrid vehicles, Luscious Garage plans to offer plug-in hybrid conversions in the future. The facility already services and repairs existing plug-in hybrid conversions.

The Bay Area has one of the nation’s highest concentrations of hybrid vehicles per capita.

—Jack Rosebro



Yes! Now I have a place to take my plug-in hybrid to get fixed...That is when I am able to buy one :(

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