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Mitsubishi Fuso Introduces Aero Star Eco Series Hybrid Bus

Aero Star Eco Hybrid Bus.

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corp. introduced the diesel-electric Aero Star Eco Hybrid Bus to the Japanese market.

The series hybrid bus cuts emissions of nitrogen oxides and particulate matter by 10% more than required by fiscal 2005 regulations and surpasses the fuel economy target set by the government for fiscal 2015, delivering 5.0 km/liter (11 mpg US or 20 l/100km), according to Mitsubishi Fuso.

The Aero Star hybrid. Click to enlarge.

The hybrid drive comprises a 4.9-liter diesel engine supplied by Nissan to power a 40 kW generator; a 634V lithium-ion battery pack; and two 79 kW electric traction motors. The bus uses a urea SCR system for NOx reduction.

Ancillary systems such as the air conditioner and the power-steering pump are electric. A new high-efficiency converter was developed for the bus.

Mitsubishi Fuso is targeting sales of 60 units per year, at a price of ¥41.8 million (US$362,000). The conventional version of the bus with a 220 kW engine starts at ¥19.4 million (US$168,000).


P Schager

I like everything about this bus except the name. Aero Star? It's shaped just like a brick. And there's hardly anything less "aero" than a brick. Besides everyone knows that an Aerostar is a Ford. I strongly suggest that they rename it before they try to export it to an english-speaking country.

The extra $192K sounds steep but it should pay for itself on direct fuel cost savings alone, while being much quieter, more reliable, lower in maintenance, faster off the line and obviously better for the environment. In a few years all buses should be hybrids, minimum.

Charles Larochelle

We don't see the Mitsubishi Hybrid bus in North American market. Why? The japanese bus builders forget the North America. I don't understand why Mitsubishi don't make a strong parternership to make an expansion in North America.

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