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Oil India Advances US$2.5B Coal-to-Liquids Plant with Headwaters

Financial Express. Oil India, Ltd (OIL) has firmed up plans to build a US$2.5 billion direct liquefaction (Bergius) coal-to-liquids plant in Northeast India in collaboration with Headwaters CTL.

At a recent meeting with ministry officials, OIL officials revealed that the project will use the direct coal liquefaction technology of HCTL for commercialization of this project. A letter of award has been issued recently to HCTL for carrying out a feasibility study. The study will be funded by the Oil Industry and Development Board (OIDB) and be completed in 16 months.

Over its 30 year life, the project will require about 120 million tonnes of coal, which will be supplied by Coal India Ltd. (CIL).


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