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Three Fuel Cell Pandas to Mantova for Zero Regio

Centro Ricerche Fiat (CRF) presented three hydrogen fuel cell Panda cars (earlier post) to the municipality of Mantova (Italy) as part of the Zero Regio project.

The three hydrogen Pandas, powered by Nuvera fuel cells, were presented alongside an ENI multi-fuel refilling station, offering pressurized hydrogen at 350 bar.

Zero Regio is a two-phase project aimed at developing and demonstrating zero emission road transport systems in normal daily use in Mantova, Italy, and Frankfurt, Germany. Launched in November 2004, it will conclude in 2008. The demonstration phase of the project, which began with the presentation of the refueling station and fuel cell fleet, will be accompanied by data evaluation with respect to energy efficiency, environmental impact and socio-economic aspects.


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