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Avantium to Deliver Flowrence Reactor Systems to Shell

Avantium Technologies, a spin-off from Shell, has signed an agreement with CRI/Criterion Inc, a catalyst technology company within the Royal Dutch Shell group, for the sale and delivery of multiple Avantium Flowrence Research platforms to CRI/Criterion or its affiliates to enhance its research capabilities.

Flowrence is a proprietary system developed by Avantium from existing "Nanoflow" technology originating from Shell, which was transferred to Avantium at its foundation in 2000. Many improvements by Avantium, including proprietary pressure regulation, reactor design, robust automation, data-storage, optimal size and increased number of reactors were implemented in the Flowrence reactor system.

The system consists of a parallel fixed bed reactor system with 16 reactors suited for gas and liquid phase, as well as trickle flow operation. Flowrence enables users to test catalytic materials for a range of chemistries under industrial processing conditions, including high-temperature and high-pressure reactions.

Avantium has providing R&D services and its proprietary, high-throughput R&D technology to more than 70 companies worldwide, including many of the world’s largest energy, chemicals and pharmaceutical companies. The company recently engine-tested its furan-based biofuels, or “furanics.” Furanics are heteroaromatic compounds derived from the chemical intermediate HMF (hydroxymethylfurfural. (Earlier post.)


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