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Global NGV Fleet at Almost 7.3 Million

The global fleet of natural gas vehicles (NGVs) is approaching 7.3 million, according to the most recent Gas Vehicles Report published by the NGV Communications Group.

According to the report, Argentina still is the leading natural gas vehicle country, with a fleet of 1.645 million. Pakistan is second, with 1.6 million; Brazil is third with 1.425 million; Italy fourth with 433,000; and Iran fifth with 360,000.

India ranks sixth; China, seventh; Columbia, eighth; the US, ninth; and Ukraine, tenth.

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Max Reid

Thanks for posting this link. 7 million is another milestone. In Year-2000, it was just 1 million.

A 7-fold increase in just 7 years, its pretty close to Ethanol. All we need now is a Bi-Fueled NGV with 60 mile nat-gas range and 300 mile gasolene/diesel range.

If someone drives 10 miles / day and 300 days / year, he can drive 3000 miles / year in natgas provided he goes to the natgas station every week to fillup the tank which will last for a week.

Pretty much like plugin-hybrid. US has fallen behind as many countries with State initiatives have overtaken.

Another interesting feature is that new tech called ANG (Adsorbed Natural Gas) cylinders are coming which can store lot more gas than regular cylinder and expect to see NGV becoming more commonplace.

Oil has settled at $80 + / barrel while natgas price remains the same.

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