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GM Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner unveiled a collaborative strategy and the first two initiatives under that strategy to support the Chinese government’s pursuit of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly transportation that will be based on the principle of “in China, with China, for China.”

The first initiative under the strategy is the establishment of the GM Center for Advanced Science and Research (CASR), part of a new US$250 million GM corporate campus in Shanghai, which is to be home to GM’s operations in China as well as its Asia-Pacific headquarters. The center will carry out advanced research projects in partnership with the Chinese government, industry partners and academic institutions.

The new GM Center for Advanced Science and Research will support China as it undertakes one of the most rapid technological transformations in world history. It is designed to bring together various resources, including SAIC’s new Energy Unit, to accelerate research in the areas of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly automotive technologies, as well as alternative fuel pathways that are socially responsible, economically viable, environmentally sustainable, and technologically feasible.

We see China as being among the first markets and production sites for alternative propulsion systems, including the new flexible fuel, plug-in type of electric vehicles currently under development by GM. This flexible vehicle, which can accommodate a variety of propulsion systems and fuels, is the perfect platform for illustrating the range and diversity of projects this new center will undertake.

—Rick Wagoner

GM CASR joint research and development will focus on three main areas:

  • Alternative fuels. GM will commit “significant” resources to exploring various biofuel options, including the development of non-food cellulosic ethanol technologies.

  • Advanced alternative energy propulsion systems. Studies will include the development of lightweight materials designed to reduce the mass and improve the energy efficiency of motor vehicles. The center will also work on the electrification of the motor vehicle, reflecting GM’s expansion and acceleration of its commitment to the development of electrically driven vehicles, beyond what it has already committed to with its fuel cell and hybrid programs.

  • Manufacturing and supplier energy efficiency.

The new GM Center for Advanced Science and Research will also be fully integrated into GM’s existing global research-and-development network. CAERC will also leverage GM’s extensive university relationships in the US and around the world.

The second initiative is the establishment of the China Automotive Energy Research Center (CAERC), a collaborative effort with Beijing’s Tsinghua University and GM’s strategic partner in China, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. Group (SAIC). GM and SAIC will jointly provide a five-year, US$5 million grant to Tsinghua University to establish CAERC.

Based in Beijing, CAERC will work with various organizations in government, academia, and related industries in China to develop a comprehensive and integrated energy strategy. Tsinghua University, SAIC and GM will share resources and personnel, and collaborate on numerous projects to develop a strategy for reducing China’s reliance on petroleum-based fuel. The common objective of the partners is to make the center China’s most advanced organization for automotive energy research and strategy development.

More broadly, GM said that it will expand its relationships with Chinese universities and businesses and reinforce collaboration with SAIC, including Shanghai GM and the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center (PATAC).



I don’t like this marketing slogan “in China, with China, for China.” It sounds like ultra nationalistic propaganda. Like “Us, us, us and to h**l with the rest”. GM should be able to do better than that and still make the participating Chinese parties feel good about their achievements. Otherwise it sounds like a very good idea. China is already big in electric vehicles with 19 million e-bikes (including scooters) produced in 2006 and that market is growing by 30% pro anno. It can’t be long before they start mass production of electric cars. China can also penetrate Western countries with export EVs far more easy than with ICE cars because emission regulations are irrelevant for EVs. Instead they can focus all efforts on satisfying the safety regulation.


Hi Henrik...Agree with you. Love the huge EV bike push in China & think EVs will have good sweeping consequences for the world.
Wouldn't mind the 'rah rah rah China' cheerleader song except somewhere in the last lyrics is the Chinese communist government which led the greatest massacre on the face of the earth from 1949 to 1970. If only I could forget 100 million dead Chinese.

Harvey D

Henrik & litesong;

GM is simply applying good business common sense. China (and India) will be the best places to build affordable electric vehicles for the next few decades.

GM may have rightly assumed that as many electric cars will be built in USA in 10-15 years as TVs today.

GM may very well become a very successful international car manufacturer.

It may be the right time to buy more GM shares.

Tim Russell

Harvy D. GM is already a very sucessful international car manufacturer, there's no may about it. Not a GM fan boy but I wanted to clear that up. The best selling car brand in China is Buick. GM and Toyota are now going back and forth on whos the #1 selling automaker, last quarter it was GM.

Harvey D


I just wanted to add ... a very successful.....etc.....i.e. making money at it.


"Tsinghua University, SAIC and GM will share resources and personnel, and collaborate on numerous projects to develop a strategy for reducing China’s reliance on petroleum-based fuel (My emphasis)."

Gosh, I wonder if they could set up a lend lease program for needy countries like US?

GM may very well become a very successful international car manufacturer.

It may be the right time to buy more GM shares.


Not a GM fan boy


Roger Pham

I sure hope that 1.3 billion people won't make the mistake of depending on the square-looking gas-guzzling vehicles for personal transportation on the urban sprawled landscape, or the hope for reversing global warming will forever doomed.
I'd say, bikes are the best...
for combating the global-warming mess!

I further hope that the 1.3 billion people will not let Big Auto dismantle their public transportation system to make ways for "progress" and economic growth! Or the world will forever be doomed!


More lemming like flocking to China by the barbarians. Has everybody forgotten the Chinese consider everybody else - everybody - to be barbarians? White devils. They have not forgotten or forgiven the Opium Wars. I suppose GM see the writing now well and truly on the wall for the US - a situation THEY have actively helped create over the last 40 years. So they are shipping out lock stock and barrel to China. No, China will not be shipping EVs to the USA - what for? They have more useless dollars already than they know what to do with. Oil production is now falling fast. They need to reduce oil consumption as much as possible themselves. Now that they are the world's factory, they can hold the world to ransom. What a mess.


When I was in China last summer, nobody treated me like a barbarian!!

They were very nice, althought Larry Kudlow always, and FOX, too, refer to China as Communist China.

Kudlow and FOX are Reagan retreads!!


She encourages me to ease her associate little box, which I stoke flirting expectantly when....


They repeatedly hillside my selves and gratings to the bedposts, spirting all my joviality areas.

you suck

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