Audi Introduces Metroproject Quattro Sub-Compact Plug-In Hybrid Concept at Tokyo Show
Mazda to Provide 30 RX-8 Hydrogen RE Vehicles to HyNor; Hydrogen RE Hybrid Tracking for 2008

Honda to Introduce Production Version of 2008 FCX at LA Show; Greater Push on Hybrids

The CR-Z hybrid sportscar concept.

Honda will unveil the production version of its FCX concept hydrogen fuel cell car next month at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Honda President and CEO Takeo Fukui made the announcement at the Tokyo Motor Show. The car will then be available for leasing in the US and Japan during 2008.

Honda also said that a car based on its hybrid sportscar CR-Z Concept will enter production. The hybrid coupe, equipped with Honda’s original gas-electric IMA hybrid system, will join Honda’s upcoming “global hybrid” family car due to launch in 2009.

The launch timing for the production version of the CR-Z Concept is yet to be announced.

Honda expects hybrids to account for 10% of its global vehicle sales by 2010—about 5 times the current level. The carmaker has an overall sales target of 4.5 million vehicles for 2010, Fukui said.

The company expects the rapid growth in hybrid sales to come from the new five-seat global hybrid and the production version of the CR-Z, with the five-seater contributing about 200,000 units of that.



I hope they offer non hybrid versions,1.0 to 1.5 gasoline or diesel engines and under $20,000 please.

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