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Miles Electric Vehicles Upgrades the ZX40ST Work Truck

Miles Electric Vehicles has upgraded its low-speed, zero-emissions ZX40ST work truck with a more powerful 3-phase induction AC motor. The new ZX40ST can travel 50-60 miles on a single charge while delivering improved power and hill climbing capability.

The ZX40ST truck.

Additional key enhancements include regenerative braking and optional air conditioning. As a DOT-designated low-speed vehicle, the new ZX40ST can legally travel up to 25 mph on public roads.

The Chinese-made ZX40S models use an absorbed glass mat valve-regulated lead-acid battery pack from Blue Sky that recharges in 4-6 hours.



THanks for giving this some attention, Mike. We really do hope that colleges can make the switch to alternative energy for their cars. After all, they have speed limits and small roads on campus...why do they need gas cars???

--Nick for Miles

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