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New Biofuel Production Plant Database

Engineering News. Dutch entrepreneur Carlo Bakker has started a database of bioethanol and biodiesel plants worldwide.

Being promoted as “the easiest way to find bio-ethanol and bio-diesel plants around the world”, worldbioplants.com has been compiled and is constantly updated by a team of researchers in the Netherlands.

The website currently profiles 912 biofuel plants—549 bioethanol plants and 363 biodiesel plants—in 51 countries, representing $3.391-billion of investment. Total reported production capacity is currently 25.570 billion gallons US of bioethanol and 15.118 billion gallons US of biodiesel.

(A hat-tip to Albertus!)



This appears to already contradicted the Wisconsin Nelson Inst. Study posted on this site on 18 Oct.

Max Reid

I think they are including the capacity of plants under construction.

Ethanol production should be only about 15 -16 billion gallons (6 from US, 6 from Brazil and another 3-4 from rest of the world).

Anyway, its intereasting. They should also include Biogas in this list. Millions of households in India
already generate biogas for their home cooking use.

Now the Germans are generating biogas for grid supply.

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