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Nissan Unveils Pivo 2 Electric Concept Car

Nissan Motor unveiled the Pivo 2, an advanced electric concept car that will fully debut at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. Nissan introduced the original Pivo concept in 2005. (Earlier post.)

Pivo 2 concept car.

The original Pivo featured an innovative cabin that revolves 360 degrees, eliminating the need to reverse. The new Pivo 2 adds 90-degree turning wheels—allowing the car to drive sideways—and a robotic agent.

The bi-lingual agent (Japanese and English) provides an interface through which to communicate with Pivo 2 on everything from basic vehicle functions through to the nearest available parking.

Lithium-ion batteries provide power to the four In-wheel 3D motors.


Harvey D

Could be the ideal city or second car. Would certainly be easier to park in tight places with minimum clearances.

Makes too much sense and is not standard enough for brainwashed drivers (most of us) to buy. New drivers....maybe...


It could take off in Japan or other Asian markets and after enough people have seen it working there, we could start to see diffusion into more progressive European and American cities.


I don't yhink this concept makes any sense at all, city cars are easier to park in europeans where space is scarce, but they don't help to mitigate the congestion problem of urban car streams since they need a full lane just as standard sedan cars. Concepts like the Naro or the Tango are far more advanced in the sense that because they are less then 3 feets wide, they adress both the problem of the conggestion and the fuel efficiency as well as the problem of parking. Tiltable vehicles with 2 seat in tandem can provide, mobility, high fuel efficiency, safety and cover 90% of our transportation needs. on top of this they can be elictrically powered since being lighter and more streamlined therefore battery will be less of a problem than for standard cars

Harvey D


Any car approaching the look and size of a motor-bike makes me s...

We have too many of those badly driven units on the streets and roads already.

A shorter (3 m max) and narrower (1.3 m instead of 1.8 m) city vehicle could still carry 2+ people, drive easier in narrow streets and park (oblique or parl.) in much less space etc. A pivot cab + 90 degree steering wheels would be other pluses.


you missed the point Harvey, there is not enough motor-bike and far too many cars on the road. By the way Motor Bike are part of the solution for a sustainable mobility, just need to clean their exhaust and teach their driver a responsible driving attitude

Harvey D


Don't you think that narrow tiltable vehicles attract extreme speeders with serious driving attitudes? Whenever I see them (too many) criss-crossing between lanes and sneaking between cars at 100 mph I wish we could find a way to stop them (permanently).

However, I must also admit that wiser couples, on large Hondas etc, drive around with due respect to road regulations and others.

Our police force seems to have given up trying to control the abusers. (Too hard to catch?).

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