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US EPA Will Miss California Deadline on Waiver Decision

Reuters reports that the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will rule on the decision for the waiver required to allow California to implement its greenhouse gas restrictions on new vehicles by the end of the year. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has said the state will sue the EPA if the agency does not provide an answer by 22 October. (Earlier post.)

In April 2007, Johnson told the US House of Representatives Special Committee on Global Warming that he would wait until late 2008 to decide on whether to issue regulations controlling emissions from vehicles.

Schwarzenegger argues that the EPA must act on the waiver request within a reasonable time period. California has been waiting for a response for almost two years.



Surprise, surprise. Is it any mystery which way the EPA will go? Not until Bush and Co. are gone will there be any real change allowed.


2 years!?


By the time they they go trough this lawsuit WB will no longer be at the WH, so this comedy will be over. States will be allowed to regulate their CO2 emissions and the automakers should better get ready for this, instead of wasting their money in lawyers.

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